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The former Soviet regime considered mutants dangerous and a threat to security. Many were hunted down and killed. Others were pressed into military service. A few formed a 'mutant underground' in Siberia.[1]

Iron Curtain and an unnamed member of the group were coerced to attack X-Factor at an airport. The unnamed member died during the attack. Iron Curtain was able to explain his actions to Iceman, who agreed to help. They then attacked the Doppelganger's lab. [1]

Darkstar, Vanguard, and Ursa Major joined the Soviet Super-Soldiers group, but went rogue after a time and refused to work directly for the State. Siberforce offered them sanctuary, but trailed by Firefox and other Russian forces. Concussion, Mentac, and Iron Curtain were killed by Firefox.[2]

Blind Faith and Darkstar later investigated the murders caused by the Soul Skinner. They were attacked but freed by the X-Men, who were looking for the kidnapped Magik.[3]

Darkstar and Vanguard were also sent to investigate the Starblaster's attack on the moon.[4]

With the formation of the Winter Guard, Siberforce seems to have been disbanded with only a few members asked to join the new group. The whereabouts of the other members, especially in light of the depowering of many mutants, are unknown.[5]

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