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Sidera Maris
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Forerunners of the Mapmakers, Bridge Builders, Solder-Surveyors, Builders[1]
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Mobile on Earths across the Multiverse
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Sidera Maris
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Quote1 The Sidera Maris are forerunners of the Mapmakers. Bridge-building automotons who use Incursions to mark new territory for their masters. These soldiers surveyors were created to mark territory... Not for longevity. They are combat fodder, means only to endure long enough to call their masters. Grist for the Multiversal mill. Quote2
-- Narrator


They were first mentioned by Black Swan after her capture by the Illuminati. The Sidera Maris and the Mapmakers were responsible for the destruction of her Earth and countless others.[2]

The Illuminati got an up close and personal look at what they can do when Earth-13761 began to start an incursion with their Earth. They ravaged the entire planet, so the members of the Illuminati set off a bomb which destroyed the other Earth.[3]

Being viewed through the Bridge, Mister Fantastic witnessed the domination of Earth-2319 by the Sidera Maris and Mapmakers over that world's mutant race and Illuminati at their floating city of Tian. The description given was that the Sidera Maris are the forerunners of the Mapmakers. They are bridge-building automatons who use Incursions to mark new territories for their masters. These soldier surveyors were created to mark territory, not for longevity. They are only combat fodder, meant only to endure long enough to call their masters.[4]

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