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Quote1.png The world changed in Broxton, Oklahoma. Norman Osborn's Dark Reign was brought to an end, and the heroes won the day. Perhaps I am sentimental in my old age, but that is how the story should always end, isn't it? Darkness giving way to light, celebrations are had, and the world moves on -- at peace now. The Avengers -- the real, true, honest-to-goodness Avengers -- are together again, and I feel like a child. I am so happy to see them all standing side by side. ... Truly, a new Heroic Age is beginning. Quote2.png
Ben Urich

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Synopsis for 1st story

Sif helps Ben Urich out of the ruins of Asgard. Todd Keller helps himself out of some rubble. Urich then runs to help and Asgardians trapped beneath a boulder. He turns to Keller to help out, but Keller says if the Asgardians call themselves gods, then they should "god" their way out, prompting Urich to punch him. As Keller swears that he will press charges, they all see the Void menacing the Avengers. As Keller runs off, Urich says behind to help rescue more Asgardians.

In Broxton, Will Stern is racing past the various people running away from the crisis. A truck comes from on his left causes him to crash into a lamppost. Getting, he angrily kicks his own news van. He is then met by Volstagg.

Back in Asgard, Urich makes a number of mental notes about what's going on. He then sees the Avengers, magically empowered, ready to take up the fight once more. He then notices the arrival of Stern and Volstagg, who had driven a H.A.M.M.E.R. hovercycle to his location. They soon see the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier about to go crashing down. Volstagg shields both journalists from the resulting blast with his body, though neither of them were harmed. Volstagg then runs off to stop Norman Osborn from escaping, declaring he will pay for his sins. Stern remarks that Urich wanted to get to Osborn and now he is right before them; Urich said that he just wanted to interview him. They then turn to see the Avengers, triumphant.

Urich returns to New York to the grave of his wife Doris, to tell her about his story. The epilogue then depicts Stern joining Frontline, Keller turning to support Steve Rogers, Volstagg, feeling remorseful for his actions, cleaning up Soldier Field, and the erection of an Asgardian tower on top of Avengers Tower.

Solicit Synopsis

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! As the SIEGE of Asgard escalates to its final chaotic moments, one man must decide which is more important - living through the day, or getting the truth behind the story of the century!


  • Takes place during the events of Siege #4.

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