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Quote1.png So we need an incident. An Asgardian incident. Quote2.png
Iron Patriot

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Osborn is talking with his Goblin side over the last thing on his "must-do" list: Asgard. Osborn thinks that the land of the gods is a little out of his league, but the Goblin encourages him to do it, saying that gods should not live with mortals. Osborn's first thought is to talk to Loki but the Goblin reminds him that he's dealing with the god of mischief, who has his own agenda.

Later, The Cabal gathers at Avengers Tower. However, they wait for Doctor Doom to arrive. He does so through use of a time cube. Doom immediately demands that Osborn cease his campaign against Namor; Osborn counters that Namor betrayed him, which he can't allow, publicly or privately. Doom guesses that Osborn simply wants to replace Namor with a more suggestible pawn, like The Taskmaster, who had just been added to their illustrious group. Osborn defends that the reason Namor or nuked Utopia is still alive is out of respect for Doom. However, Doom still believes his theory. Osborn states that he's doing the exact opposite. He presents the offer of returning Latveria back by sending Asgard back into the heavens where it belongs. All that he asks is Doom's cooperation. Unfortunately, Doom demands that he bring Namor if he wants his help, to which Osborn refuses, demanding equal respect in return. Doom argues that he is no king nor a kingmaker; Osborn reminds him of his offer of partnership, understanding and respect in their first meet. Doom only repeats his demand, threatening Osborn's life; he, in turn, reminds him of his way of "dealing" with dissidence; Doom warns that threatening him would be his worst mistake. Then, the table goes silent. Osborn breaks the silence by calling in his "friend", whom he threatened to use. When Doom refuses to cooperates, the mysterious individual hits Doom with a powerful energy blast. The Cabal then rises to their feet; Loki advises The Hood to leave.

Doom retaliates with his own energy blasts, hitting the Taskmaster square in the chest; Osborn orders his minion to hit Doom again, causing him to fall to the ground. However, it is revealed that this is actually a Doombot, which releases swarms of robotic locusts that flood the tower. Osborn, sealing up his armor and putting up an energy shield, orders an evacuation. The robotic bugs spread quickly through the building. Osborn attempts to find a way to shut down the bots. The Sentry then flies in, destroying the Doombot and rendering the locust bots inert. Osborn then talks to the real Doom through one of the bugs, shouting through it that he had made a grave error in declaring war on a country larger than his. Doom responds back through the bug asking the question of how many unwinnable wars he can fight at once. He tells Osborn that he'll do nothing in return. He warns Osborn not to lay a hand on him. If he does again, then he'll not be so forgiving, to Osborn or his "son", before the bot exploded.

Next day, Osborn calls the President for permission to invade Asgard, justifying that it's an alien presence on their soil. The President says that they will find a diplomatic solution. Osborn tries saying that the American people would want action. However, the President says he should be more focused on the attack on Avengers Tower last night. Osborn says that it was just a tech malfunction in the Iron Man armory and assures the President that everything is fine. Unfortunately, his request to invade Asgard is denied. Therefore, Osborn turns to Loki to find a reason for an invasion. Loki says that they need an incident that mirrors the Superhuman Civil War, which involves an Asgardian causing harm.

Solicit Synopsis

THE SIEGE STARTS HERE!! Remember when you were first introduced to the Cabal, the gathering of the most sinister members of the Marvel Universe, and you said to yourself: Well, that's going to blow up in everyone's face! Well, you were right and it happens right here!! Norman Osborn faces off with Doctor Doom and his mysterious threat to Doom is revealed. All of this is setting the stage for next month's explosive event: SIEGE! One-Shot


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