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Siena Blaze

A young mutant with destructive mutant abilites, Siena Blaze had only used her powers twice before she became a fugitive in New Mexico with her boyfriend, Wallace Benton. During a shootout with the state police, Wallace pressured Siena to use her mutant powers to help them escape. However, the pair was soon greeted by Trevor Fitzroy and his associate Bantam. Fitzroy quickly killed Wallace after a sexist comment towards Siena, then summoned a “Cattle Car,” a futuristic vehicle used to transport mutants to work camps. Siena briefly saw an enslaved, future version of herself aboard the transporter as it drove through the police officers. Fitzroy then invited Siena to join the Upstarts, a group of young and powerful individuals attempting to score points by killing mutants. He told her that her anarchistic behavior had attracted the Upstarts' leader, the Gamesmaster. Siena agreed to join after Fitzroy told her that her future self had told him how to find her in the past.[1]

Joining the Upstarts

As part of her initiation into the Upstarts, Siena Blaze shot the Blackbird out of the sky in Antarctica with an electromagnetic blast. The resulting crash injured the three leaders of the X-Men: Professor X, Cyclops, and Storm. When Siena discovered the X-Men had survived the blast, she killed her henchmen and destroyed her base, then set out to finish off her targets.

Later, Siena ambushed the exhausted Cyclops and Storm and nearly killed them until Professor X prevented her from using her powers. However, this meant her powers were building to an uncontrollable level. Acting in unison, Storm, Cyclops, and Professor X managed to defeat Siena, though she simply teleported away and left a massive explosion in her stead. The trio of X-Men nevertheless survived as Storm used her powers to get them to safety. Psylocke later revealed there was no sign of Siena.[2]

Soon after, the Gamesmaster telepathically summoned the Upstarts for a meeting. There, he revealed Siena Blaze had been awarded points for her attempt at killing the three X-Men leaders. The Upstarts were then informed the next target worth the most points was Forge, though Siena abstained from attacking the mutant.[3]

A few months later, Gamesmaster assigned Siena Blaze to obtain a DNA sample from Moira MacTaggert's son, Kevin. Siena ambushed Moira in her laboratory, though Nightcrawler and Shadowcat attempted to stop her. Siena, sensing Nightcrawler's teleporting through the electromagnetic field, disrupted his powers and caused him and Shadowcat to arrive encased in rock.[4]

Shadowcat freed the pair from the rock only to find Siena standing over them. She quickly phased Moira to safety, enraging Siena who created a massive explosion to destroy the building. She then discovered the disc with Kevin MacTaggert's DNA matrix only to be confronted by Moira, Nightcrawler, and Phoenix, the latter of whom stripped Siena of her powers. Despite this, Siena scratched Phoenix across the face, then regained her powers when Phoenix became distracted. Siena teleported herself away to safety without the disc.[5]

Siena Blaze reported back to Gamesmaster, where she learned that Mister Sinister was responsible for her assignment. Sinister was enraged at Siena's failure until he learned that she had Phoenix's DNA under her nails. He extracted the DNA and allowed Siena to leave unscathed.[6]

Some time later, the Upstarts were tasked with killing members of the New Mutants and Hellions. Early in the battle, Siena defeated Cannonball and Boomer.[7] Siena later confronted Moonstar and Empath in Madripoor only to be mind-controlled by Karma. Karma used Siena Blaze in attempt to trick Gamesmaster into believing the New Mutants had been killed.[8] However, Gamesmaster knew of this ruse and controlled Siena Blaze's body to defeat the New Mutants.[9] He then continued to use Siena's body to defeat Warpath, Siryn, Night Thrasher, and Speedball, the latter of whom saved the group from the full blast.[10]

All-New Exiles

After receiving an invitation from Reaper to meet in Florida, Siena found a chance to gain a few points for killing the Mutant Liberation Front member. This led to the pair, as well as Juggernaut, being transported to the Ultraverse where they became members of the heroic Exiles.[11]

Siena adapted to the role of hero surprisingly well. She felt a strong attraction to team leader Warstrike. Eventually she, along with Juggernaut and Reaper, returned to the Marvel Universe.

Death and Resurrection

Though Siena Blaze had been absent for several years, she reappeared as one of many mutants captured by Weapon X and forced into the Neverland Concentration Camp. As with the other mutant prisoners, Siena Blaze was terminated in the camps.[12]

However, Siena was later seen among the mutants resurrected by Selene, briefly battling Namor.[13]

Siena against the X-Men

Return to the Upstarts

Years later, Siena reappeared once again as a member of the Upstarts. She helped kill the Nasty Boys in order to lure out Cyclops and his ragtag team of X-Men to Washington Heights. After a brief moment of words, the two groups engaged each other in battle. Siena attacked Magik which her electromagnetic abilities which proved successful against the sorceress but was knocked off balance by Cyclops' optic blast. Soon enough she became overwhelmed as they were outnumbered. Blaze fled the scene with Fabian Cortez and Trevor Fitzroy, leaving Shinobi behind as a scapegoat.[14]

Siena was apparently killed after she and Fitzroy were detained by O*N*E.[15]


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Electromagnetic Manipulation: Siena can disrupt a planet's electromagnetic energy spectrum, absorbing the energy into her body until she releases it, usually in the form of destructive blasts of energy. The released energy would tear a hole in the local electromagnetic field and repeated use of her power would theoretically destroy the planet. Even limited use of her abilities could potentially cause catastrophic ecological changes to the planet. She can also use magnetic energy to fly at 150 mph or to teleport herself along the planet's electromagnetic field, but every time she teleports she permanently damages the field at the point of departure, causing a powerful explosion.


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