The past history of Sif of Earth-788 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until the day that Donald Blake traveled to Norway. In this reality, it would be Jane Foster who would find Mjolnir and become Thordis. Upon this revelation, Sif would be shocked to find that Thor still resided on Earth trapped in his mortal guise.

When Odin would enter the Odinsleep, Sif would travel to Earth and seek to rekindle her romance with Thor even though he was trapped in his mortal form with no memory of his past life. To see if he was worth, she would pose as a woman drowning in the ocean, prompting Blake to dive into the water and rescue her despite his lame leg. Revealing her true identity, she would use her powers to heal Blake's lame leg and the two would forge a relationship.

They would soon come under attack by Loki who sought to kill his step-brother while he was trapped in a mortal form. Loki would be stopped by the combined efforts of Thordis and Sif, however Sif would be gravely injured in battle and require surgery. Thanks to Donald Blake's surgical skills, Sif would be saved, and the ordeal would strengthen their relationship much to the dismay of Thordis.

When Mangog would attack Asgard, threatening to bring about Ragnarok, Sif would join Thordis and Donald Black back to Asgard to stop the catastrophe from happening. They would defend the Odinsword from destruction until Odin would arrive and destroy Mangog. In the aftermath of the battle, Odin would have Foster give Mjolnir to Blake, transforming him back into Thor with his memories restored. Sif and Thor would be reunited, and following the marriage of Odin and Jane Foster (whom Odin transformed into a god) Sif would join Thor in returning to Earth to act as its defenders.

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