Life and Death on Aesheim

Long ago, Sigmund was Brunnhilde's trainer and lover, and the bravest warrior of her father, royal ruler of Wrlstead Arms.[1]

While protecting Brunnhilde, he was killed in battle against Odin (known as the Destroyer or the Usurper) and his forces when he decided to cull the mortals to erase the taint of his brother the Serpent.[1]

As Odin bursted in and offered Brunnhilde to flee, she refused, standing over Sigmund's body. Such action made Odin to let her live, making of her a Valkyrie, for her to bring the souls of the deserving warriors who perished to Valhalla. She was also promised she would be reunited with her love.[1]


Sigmund was consequently sent to Valhalla.[1][2]

He met the Odinson at some point.[2]

Later, he welcomed Thor when this one came with Brunnhilde and deceased Heimdall to find Balder. Urging Thor to ignore Hela's provocations, this one decided to use the power vacancy in Asgard to empty Valhalla into Niffleheim.[2]

When Thor died and rejoined the heroes of Valhalla in Niffleheim, he decided to lead them back to Asgard City by climbing the roots of Yggdrasill but Sigmund was skeptic about that tentative but followed anyway.[3]

Sigmund seemingly rejoined Valhalla since, and later joined the Einherjar led by Harokin as part of the raid in Hel.[4]


Sigmund possessed at some point in Valhalla the sword Gram.[2]

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