Siingard was a very powerful Frost Giant. His sister had a child with the monster known as the Fenris Wolf, a giant wolf-like creature they named Hoarfen.[citation needed]

Hoarfen's existence was planned to be a secret but word of it leaked out. He was given the task of guarding the castle of Siingarud. [citation needed]

Many years later the Warriors Three, Hulk and his wife Betty, along with Red Norvell and some of the Pantheon were pursing Agamemnon to Siingard Castles. The Frost Giant Siingard then unleashees Hoarfen to protect Agamemnon. Siingard first order to the wolf Hoarfen was to kill the green one aka the Hulk. Leading up to this Hector eventually catches Agamemmon and while doing so Hoarfen is released. [citation needed]

Hoarfens thunders towards the band of heroes making Hector Drop Agamemmon into the hulks arms. Hoarfens then grabs the Hulk and Agamemmon in his mouth killing the two. Hoarfen then proceeds to attack the others who attacks prove useless against the giant wolf Hoarfen as no weapon could harm him. Hela later brings the Hulk and Agamemmon back to life and apear in Hoarfens mouth. [citation needed]

The Hulk would then proceed in opening Hoarfens mouth to wide fracturing his mandibles which leads to Hoarfens fleeing the scene.[citation needed]

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