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A member of the Chr'yllite race, Sikorsky was an early recruit into the Starjammers, a band of pirates opposing the tyrannical Shi'ar Emperor D'ken. Sikorsky's native name is unrevealed; he received his English moniker from the Starjammer's leader, Corsair, based on his resemblance to a helicopter. Serving as a team medic, Sikorsky aided the Starjammer's crew and allies such as the X-Men on various occasions, including saving the lives of Colossus (Peter Rasputin) when Deathbird stabbed him in the chest, Storm (Ororo Munroe) when she was exposed to the vacuum of space, and Professor Charles Xavier when he was transformed into a Brood queen; Sikorsky and the human scientist Moira MacTaggert cloned a new body for Xavier and transferred his consciousness within.[1]

The Starjammers added the exiled Empress Lilandra to their crew when Deathbird usurped the throne. His health failing following a gang beating, Xavier joined the Starjammers so Sikorsky could treat his injuries.[2] During this time, Deathbird sent a virus into the Starjammer's medical database that infected Sikorsky, making him betray the Starjammmers to Deathbird. Eventually purging himself of the virus, Sikorsky regained his honor by saving Lilandra from Deathbird.[3]

Sikorsky has continued to serve the Starjammers through their conflict with the Shi'ar's human Emperor Vulcan (Gabriel Summers), in which Sikorsky helped battle the Praetorians and supplied Ch'od with a new hand when he lost one battling the Imperial Guard.[4]


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Sikorsky can fly and hover in place via insect-like wings. His body is covered in iridescent chitinous armor. Sikorsky can telepathically scan other creatures' bodies, enabling him to analyze a patient's emotional distress. Both of these powers are focused through Sikorsky's antennae.


Gifted Intellect: Sikorsky is a brilliant physician in extraterrestrial medicine and has mastered techniques including cloning and bionic grafts.


  • Sikorsky's name and helicopter-like shape refer to Igor Sikorski, a pioneer in the creation of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and the company he founded.

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