Quote1.png I am Sila. I am the sky, the wind, the weather... the soul of the north. Quote2.png
-- Sila src


Sila was the spiritual embodiment of the soul of Northern Canada residing in the Aurora Borealis. They were pulled from their slumber by the Master of the World and trapped in a containment field inside a facility which the villain planned to use to repair the damage caused by the glaciers by global warming.[1] Young Inuk Amka Aliyak broke into the facility to investigate its nature, and stumbled upon Sila's containment cell.[2] The young girl managed to free Sila, though in the process caused an explosion that fatally injured her. In gratitude, Sila healed her injuries in a flash of light.[1]

Having been imparted with Sila's energy, Amka was trapped inside the factory until her rescue by Spider-Man when the Champions investigated the Master of the World's machinations. Having been imbued with powers by Sila, Amka chose to become a superhero and train with the Champions under the alias of Snowguard.[3]

  • Sila is an adaptation of the creature of the same name from Inuit mythology, also known as Silap Inua. Sila was revered as the the primary component of everything that exists.[4]

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