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Quote1.png To make a long story short, my name is Cyber and I used to train bad guys to be worse guys. Not many people liked me back then. Especially the ones I trained. One, in particular took it very personally. He didn't seem to understand that I was just doing my job. Which is not to say I didn't enjoy my work--As a matter of fact I loved it. Quote2.png


Early Life

Silas Burr was believed to have been born in Canada although his date of birth was unknown. It had been suggested, by Burr himself, that he once ran with the notorious Edinburgh killer, William Burke, and took part in the heinous West Port murders of 1828.[4]

His earliest verified exploit took place while he was an agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in the spring of 1912. Burr was charged with 22 counts of murder and put on trial in Sioux City, Iowa. He was found guilty on all counts and was sentenced to death by hanging. But under the orders of the mysterious Romulus, Victor Creed (Sabretooth) posing as a guard helped Burr escape from the courthouse while killing a number of others in the process.[5]

Canadian Army

Not long after, Burr was taken to a Canadian Army's training facility, where he met his new employer, Frederick Hudson. Hudson (who was also working for Romulus), took special interest in utilizing Burr's unique ability to push the men under his command beyond their moral and emotional limits.[5][6]

Hudson then installed Burr in command of the special Canadian Army unit, the Devil's Brigade, which included the man known as Logan. Under Hudson's orders, Burr started to focus his attention on Logan in particular in order to make his life a nightmare and to turn him into an obedient animal bred to kill. To that end another Romulus operative, Janet, was used by Burr and Hudson in order to make Logan fall in love with her.[7]

Ravencroft Institute

At some point, Burr was institutionalized at the Ravencroft Institute but in 1923, alongside a young Al Capone he escaped from it.[8]

World War II

In the early 40s, after Logan came back to the training facility, Silas Burr under the orders of Frederick Hudson killed Janet as a lesson that whenever Logan overcame his inner bestial nature to care for someone, that person would die.[9] Seeking vengeance, Logan fought Burr, who severely beat him and gouged out his left eye.[10]

This was Logan's most severe beating and defeat up to this point in his life and the resulting psychological effects resulted in a deep-seated fear of Cyber that lasted for decades.[10][11][12][13][14]

Logan descended into a near-feral state, his healing factor again obscuring his traumatic memories, and he fled to the Canadian wilderness. Burr and Sabretooth were able to track him down and manipulated him into being an obedient animal again.[7] In the summer of 1941, Logan, now back under Romulus and Burr's control, was sent to Madripoor in order to get a new assignment from Seraph (another Romulus' operative).[7]

Not long after, Burr, Logan, and the rest of the Devil's Brigade went to Tunisia as part of a World War II military operation. Burr then introduced Logan to U.S. Army soldier Nick Fury for the clandestine rescue mission of Captain America from German occupied Northern Africa.[7]

Becoming Cyber

Silas Burr reborn as Cyber

Returning from Indochina for nine months in 1959, Burr would train his finest student, Logan's son, Daken, before the boy was secretly ordered by the mysterious Romulus to destroy the training camp and everyone associated with it, including its commandant, Hudson. Eviscerated and shot by Daken, Daken then prepared to fire one last bullet into his head but Romulus appeared and stopped him, telling Daken that he had plans for Burr. Romulus then decided to bond the indestructible metal called Adamantium to Burr's skin; Burr survived the surgery and became known as Cyber years later.[15][16]

Blood Hungry

Years later, Silas Burr now known as Cyber, joined a drug cartel and went to the island of Madripoor with a drug shipment full of hallucinogens, seeking General Coy’s partnership in order to deliver the drug through the island.[2] While at General Coy's place, he spotted Wolverine (who had heard about his plans). Burr attacked Wolverine and revealed to him his real identity. Thanks to his adamantium laced skin and his adamantium claws tipped with the same hallucinogenic drug he wanted to sell to Coy, Cyber easily defeated Wolverine and poisoned him.[17]

Wolverine managed to escape but Cyber's drug gave him several hallucinations where he was reminded how Cyber was responsible for Janet's death years before.[11][12][13] Despite still being shocked by his fight with Cyber but also afraid of him after what he did to both him and Janet years ago, Tyger Tiger later convinced Wolverine to face Cyber again.[14]

Cyber and Wolverine happy reunion

While Wolverine was recovering, Cyber approached Tyger Tiger to make her the same offer he did to General Coy about his hallucinogenic drug shipment.[12] Cyber's goal was to force both Tyger Tiger and General Coy to agree to buy his drug shipment, kill both of them at the same time in order to set himself up in Madripoor, and use the port city for his own operations. When both General Coy and Tyger Tiger arrived at the rendezvous, Cyber killed all of their men and, as he was about to kill the two of them, Wolverine intervened and saved them.[18]

After this close save, Coy and Tyger agreed to a truce for a while. Cyber then faced Wolverine on top of a truck full of Cyber's hallucinogenic drug and this time Wolverine was able to gouge Cyber's left eye, the same way Cyber gouged Logan's left eye after he killed Janet years ago. Despite this injury, Cyber was able to leap onto a nearby tree; Wolverine followed in order to finish him off but Cyber got the upper hand and tried to rip Wolverine's claws off. But suddenly, an old wolf that Wolverine previously befriended appeared and bit Cyber’s neck, which made him fall into one of the barrels of his hallucinogenic drug below. The drug entered Cyber's system through his missing eye and gave him several hallucinations, resulting in Cyber screaming in terror and running away.[19]

"Cyber! Cyber! Burning Bright!"

Cyber facing a Wolverine who just lost his adamantium

Not long after, Cyber replaced his lost eye with a cybernetic one and led the mercenary Hell's Belles against the government sponsored mutants of X-Factor.[20][21] He was next employed by the Coven Cult to retrieve a mystic gem but again was opposed by Wolverine.[22][23][24][25] Later he resumed his track of Wolverine and fought him in Edinburgh where he discovered that his foe didn't have any adamantium in his body anymore. As a result he broke Wolverine's bone claws and decided to break the rest of his foe's bones.

However, Wolverine's ally, Zoe Culloden, suddenly dropped a filing cabinet on Cyber, temporarily taking him out while Wolverine and Zoe escaped. Thinking he was dead, Cyber was put inside an ambulance but he quickly recovered and took control of the vehicle before going after Wolverine and Culloden.[26]

Cyber facing Wolverine and Nightcrawler on Muir Island

After catching up to them, a fight broke out during which Cyber was able to poison Wolverine with his adamantium claws. Before he could finish his foe, he was doused with gasoline and set on fire by Wolverine. Soon after his ambulance exploded and he crashed into the nearby water while Wolverine and Zoe went to Muir Island.[4]

Cyber once again quickly recovered, attacked a nearby couple and stole their boat, and then went to Muir Island to kill Wolverine once and for all. On the island he was confronted not only by Wolverine but also by the British super-team Excalibur who trapped him in a high security chamber.[27]


Tyler Dayspring a.k.a Genesis, the man who killed Cyber

After having a talk with Nick Fury, where he revealed some information on Romulus,[5] he was freed by the Dark Riders on behalf of Genesis.[28] The Dark Riders then had Cyber go through a battery of tests, to analyze his adamantium.[29] He was then brought to Egypt,[30] but knowing that something wasn't right and that the Dark Riders were leading him into a trap, he decided to attack them.[31]

Genesis intervened and took Cyber down with one of his powerful weapons, knocking him into the room. The defeated Dark Riders sealed him, where he met a grisly end as mutant death watch beetles consumed his flesh, leaving behind only the adamantium, which was what Genesis was after the whole time.[31]


Back from the dead and ready to face his old foe

Cyber later resurfaced in astral form, making himself known to a powerful young man with child-like intelligence named Milo Gunderson.[3] After possessing Milo's body, Cyber was easily able to suppress Milo's child-like psyche, coupling Milo's incredible strength with his own cunning intelligence. Intent on revenge, he set off for the Tinkerer, contracting him to perform the adamantium-epidermal bonding process once he had stolen the necessary liquid adamantium from storage in The Hague. Arriving in Brussels, he set up the inevitable confrontation between Wolverine and his son, Daken.[10] At the culmination of the bloody battle between father and son, Cyber appeared, complete in his new adamantium laced skin, and challenged not Wolverine, but Daken.[32]

Cyber facing Wolverine and Daken

After quickly gaining the upper hand in his fight with Daken, Cyber questioned him on the whereabouts of his master. Daken refused to answer and managed to flee, leaving Cyber and Wolverine alone. During the following battle, Cyber suffered from a heart attack, as Milo had a weak heart. Wolverine, upon discovering that Silas had previously instructed Daken, and was capable of tracking his location, spared him in exchange for information. As Silas revealed how he had met the mysterious man known as "Hudson", his condition worsened, and Wolverine was forced to bring him to the Tinkerer to help him with the needed treatment.[5] Agreeing to construct an artificial pacemaker to stabilize Cyber's heart condition in exchange for the use of Logan's mysterious Carbonadium Synthesizer, The Tinkerer unwittingly affixed the radioactive device to Cyber's chest, before Logan disappeared with the C-Synth and tossed it from a bridge into the water below.[6]

Second Death

Not long after, Cyber was deceived by Daken, as Cyber succumbed to the poisonous effects of the carbonadium pacemaker, his weakened heart condition, or both and collapsed in pain as Daken stepped on his medication. He was left for dead by both Daken and Wolverine.[16]


Because of his past actions, Cyber's soul was sent to Hell, and after the criminal organization known as The Red Right Hand sent Wolverine's soul to Hell, Cyber was sent by Satan to fight against his old foe alongside several villains killed by Wolverine throughout the years.[33]

Third Death

Through unrevealed means, Cyber was able to escape from Hell and came back to the land of the living. Unfortunately Cyber and other people possessing adamantium became targets of Abraham Cornelius who restarted the Weapon X program and was trying to secure every piece of adamantium in the world. As a result, Cyber was now tracked by one of his agents: Ogun. Cyber was tracked to Japan by Ogun and fought against him, but despite putting on a brave fight, he was killed by Ogun. Cyber's body was then thrown in a pool of acid, in order to dissolve it and recover his adamantium.[34]

Becoming the New Hornet

Cyber is back as the Hornet

Back to Hell, a demon took interest in Silas' soul, which allegedly desired a second chance to do better. When this demon was liberated from Hell and went on to impersonate the Black Marvel in order to reassemble the Slingers, he brought Cyber with him and had him become the new Hornet.[35] Silas started his new superhero career working for Silas Thorne. Hornet was first ordered to steal a shipment of food meant for Mercury Rising, the casino run by Cassandra Mercury that had become a temporary shelter for victims of Hydra's assault on the city. Thorne claimed that Mercury was hoarding the food and giving it only to her guests, making Hornet believe he was helping antagonize a criminal. While stealing the shipment, the Hornet was attacked by the Scarlet Spider, though he managed to paralyze him and escape.[1]

Scarlet Spider at the mercy of the Hornet

Scarlet Spider was soon joined by Ricochet, a former teammate of the previous Hornet who decided to investigate the appearance of this person that was using his late friend's codename. Both heroes assaulted Thorne's office in the Forbidden City, where they confronted Hornet. Hornet used a magical amulet to unleash a demonic Fhtagn on the intruders.[36] The Scarlet Spider took Hornet's amulet from him and destroyed it in a failed attempt to banish the creature, forcing Hornet to work with the hero to defeat the monster. Another of the former Hornet's friends, Dusk, joined the brawl and teleported the monster away. The three then rushed when they noticed the Scarlet Spider had slipped away to confront Thorne on his own. When Hornet, Ricochet, and Dusk finally reached the office where Thorne was hiding, they found him severely beaten up.[37]

Hornet joined the Slingers' efforts to bring Scarlet Spider to justice and have him turn himself over to the police for beating up Thorne by holding Cassandra Mercury hostage at the Thorne Theater. After Scarlet Spider tracked down Cassandra with the help of his namesake Kaine, Hornet revealed his true identity as Cyber in the ensuing fight.[38] When Black Marvel revealed his demonic nature, the other three Slingers turned on him and Cyber. Black Marvel and Hornet were driven off, and Burr managed to lose the Slingers while being chased into the sewers.[35]


Power Grid[44]
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Third Body
Now in a younger, sleeker body of a dead man. Cyber lacks the various superhuman physical characteristics of his mutant bodies in the past, save wearing a suit of powered exo-armor to compensate for the lack of any real powers. Save the ones gifted onto him by a powerful demon who took him back to the living world when he was liberated.

  • Peak-Human Physical Ability: Cyber's new body comes with the added edge of a physically fit adult human male who engages in regular, if not exceptional physical exercise on a regular basis. His new vessel is durable, quick, and reactive enough to take on the Scarlet Spider in combat multiple times.[1][36]
  • Superhuman Strength: Silas in his new body seemingly holds some degree of enhanced physical strength. Whether stemming from a possible possession augmentation or his muscle fibers somehow being altered alongside his skin density is currently unknown. What is evident is that he can hurl a manhole cover with enough brute force to kill a man if it makes contact.[35]
  • Superhuman Durability: Silas has had the skin of his new body bonded with Adamantium. As a result, Cyber's body, with the exception of his face, is virtually invulnerable to conventional attack, even to weapons composed of Adamantium itself.[38]
  • Psionic Powers: Cyber, no matter what body he is in, retains the natural psychic abilities he's had in his previous incarnations. His consciousness now within the body of the deceased Edward McDonough, the entirety of all his mental powers is locked within his new body.[citation needed]
  • Retractable Claws: Cyber has ten retractable adamantium claws installed into his hands, each of which carry the indestructible edge that comes with the material it's made of, thus enabling Cyber to cut, pierce, and/or lacerate anything with them save for adamantium and/or Captain America's shield.[35]
  • Wrist Mounted Blasters: A pair of energy weapons lay sequestered within his new body's forearms, even after his adamantium skin and muscle fibers ripped out of his costume.[35]

Second Body
In this body, Cyber possessed some superhuman abilities. However, the full extent and full number of his powers isn't known.

  • Superhuman Strength: Cyber has taken possession of the body of a powerful young man named Milo. Milo's body is superhumanly strong, capable of ripping off a horse's head with one punch. Although Milo's limits are unknown, Cyber's current body is at least as strong as his original.[39][5]
  • Superhuman Durability: Cyber has recently reappeared after having the skin of his new body bonded with Adamantium. As a result, Cyber's body, with the exception of his face, is virtually invulnerable to conventional attack, even to weapons composed of Adamantium itself.[40][16]
  • Psionic Powers: Cyber has revealed that being exposed to the same drugs and poisons that his Adamantium claws were tipped with in his original body dramatically increased the effectiveness of his powers, allowing him to track the brain pattern of anyone anywhere in the planet. His consciousness entered the body of the child-like Milo Gunderson and his personality, consciousness, and intelligence supplanted those of Milo. It isn't known if Cyber can take possession of the bodies of others regularly or if he can only do so through very specific circumstances.[6]
  • Retractable Claws:[5][9][16]

Original Body
Cyber is a mutant that possesses various superhuman abilities that were the result of his mutation, but some may be due to or enhanced by artificial means is unknown. Though he has shown to have incredible speed[14] and agility[19] at one point, Cyber has consistently displayed the following.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Cyber possessed an accelerated healing factor that enabled him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. This healing factor, while similar to that possessed by Wolverine and Sabretooth, wasn't nearly as efficient as Cyber wasn't able to regenerate missing limbs or organs. His accelerated healing powers were what enabled him to survive the process which bonded adamantium to his skin.[19][25][41][26][4]
    • Resistance To Disease: Cyber's healing powers afforded him a high degree, if not total immunity, against all known diseases.[citation needed]
    • Suppressed Aging: Aside from its unique regenerative qualities, Cyber's healing factor caused him to age much slower than an ordinary human. Despite being well over 100 years of age at the time of his death, he retained the appearance and vigor of a man in his physical prime.[4][5][8][7][15]
  • Retractable Claws: Has ten retractable adamantium claws installed into his hands, which was revealed to be a trademark of Romulus' by Daken,[16] each of which carrying the indestructible edge that comes with the material it's made of enabling Cyber to cut, pierce and or lacerate anything with them save for Adamantium and/or Captain America's shield.[17][13][18][24][20][21][26][4][27][30]
    • Hallucinogen/Toxin Secretion: He has another synthetic add on was each nail cyber could grow/retract withheld excessively poisonous elements that could be transferred on physical contact. The potency of said substance was so that not even Wolverine's healing factor could filter them out before lasting affliction could take effect, mainly because the poison was tailored specifically for him and proved quickly fatal to baseline humans.[12][13][24][20][21][4][27]
  • Superhuman Strength: Cyber was originally enhanced allowing him to lift approximately 2 tons. After being augmented upon having his skin laced with Adamantium, his strength was increased to the point where he could lift at least 10 tons.[18][41][21][26][27][28][30][31]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Cyber's muscles produced considerable less fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans. He could exert himself at peak capacity for about a day before fatigue began to impair him.[26][4][27]
  • Superhuman Reflexes:[26]
  • Superhuman Durability: As a result of an unknown procedure, Cyber's skin, with the exception of his face, was infused with Adamantium. As a result, most of Cyber's body was virtually invulnerable to physical injury.[18][23][24][21][26][4][27][28][30][31]
  • Psionic Powers: Cyber possessed the ability to psionically expand his consciousness, allowing him to track a person's specific brain patterns across great distances. The exact range of this ability was never revealed. However, he was capable of using it to track Wolverine across Edinburgh, Scotland. Cyber could instantly identify people based on their brain patterns, recognizing people he had met before by their patterns as soon as their entered his sensory range.[17][26][4]


Cyber is a highly skilled fighter with extensive combat experience and trained many soldiers including Logan, Daken and years later the terrorists group Hell's Belles. He is such a skilled fighter he has beaten Wolverine a number of times, Daken, Strong Guy, Havok and the Dark Riders. Cyber is a skilled manipulator and tactician having aided in Romulus's manipulation of Logan, pitting General Coy and Tyger Tiger against each other, used Logan to get inside Temple of the Sun, hospitalized Polaris and poisoning Strong Guy to get to Marilyn Maycrof. From his early days in 1828 to present Cyber has extensive knowledge and experience with both criminal and government organizations. Cyber has shown that even after taking over Milo's body[10][5][6][9][16] and then Hornet's that he was still in full possession of his memories and over all skills.[37][38][42]




  • Hornet's Suit
    • Wrist Blasters: Cyber's Hornet outfit is armed with a host of sub-munitions with which he can make use of in combat situations. Such as stun setting, dart launchers, laser guns, etc.[36]
    • Bio-Electric Discharge: Cyber's Hornet suit can deliver an electrical jolt which paralyzes the nervous system of anyone within tactile vicinity of it.[citation needed]
  • In his third body (Hornet) Cyber's skin and hair are laced with the metal Adamantium, making him virtually invulnerable to physical injury.


Cyber currently has arm mounted blasters situated within the skin of his adamantium forearm, he also retains his adamantium claws as Hornet.[35]


  • Cyber was driven insane by exposure to a hallucinogenic drug, causing him to suffer mildly distracting delusionary side effects.[4][27]


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