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Silas Grant was a denizen of Blackworld. Thanks to the manipulations of Ego-Prime, the Blackworld went through an extreme evolution, going from medieval times to the 20th Century in a matter of days. Lady Sif and Hildegarde found Silas in a 19th century era steamboat shortly after their encounter with medieval knights. Silas immediately befriended Sif and Hildegarde. He later assisted Sif's paramour, the Mighty Thor, and was involved with a number of adventures with the Thunder God.[citation needed]

Silas Grant also befriended and lived with the Rigellian Tana Nile. Ironically, it was Nile whose machinations inadvertently led to the destruction of Silas Grant's home planet of the Blackworld.[citation needed]

Silas Grant said his goodbyes to Thor and his fellow Asgardians after their victory over the Black Stars. He told Thor how close Tana Nile and him had become, and they were going to live together and venture out with the other Rigellians.[1]

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