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Silas King was born in Carson City, Nevada. He worked as a smuggler of illicit narcotics. On a drug run from Los Angeles to New York City, King's van broke down in the Mojave Desert. Trying to make his way back to civilization, King spent several days out in the desert sun, which catalyzed his latent mutation. While recovering from sunstroke and dehydration in hospital, he realized he could discharge the solar energy he had stored in his body as heat blasts.

Calling himself Solarr, King began a criminal career in New York City by starting with bank robbery. This activity brought him into partnership with Klaw, and membership in the Emissaries of Evil led by Egghead.[1] Solarr repeatedly met defeat, and was eventually captured and imprisoned at the Project: Pegasus research center in New York State, where scientists studied his powers.

One of the other captives and subjects for study at Project: Pegasus was Bres, a member of the otherdimensional Fomor. Bres began to use his powers to manipulate the staff at the facility, and caused a guard named Harry Winslow to die of heart failure. Bres also freed Solarr from his cell. Solarr hated Winslow, and when he found his corpse he incinerated it. Bres used his magic to animate the charred corpse, which killed Solarr.[2]

At some point in time, he was presumably resurected by The Five and joined the mutant-only nation of Krakoa. During this time, he was one of the many mutants that had their powers copied when The Human-Adaptoid attacked the island.[3]


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  • Solar Manipulation: Solarr was a mutant with the ability to absorb, store, and manipulate large amounts of energy from light, especially direct sunlight. He could use it to project heat blasts or blinding flashes. He could also use his powers to create heat-based mirages, such as a giant version of himself.
  • Heat Resistance: Solarr was, by nature of his powers, resistant to most heat attacks.


Knowledgeable in chemistry, which he earned a degree in

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