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Quote1.png Ssh. No more screams. No more pain. All is quiet. All is... silence. Quote2.png
Silence Symbiote[src]


Following the death of the Scream symbiote,[1] Dr. Steven harvested samples obtained from the skin and blood of its host, Andi Benton.[2] When his efforts to revitalize the Scream symbiote proved unsuccessful, Dr. Steven combined its remains with a sample of Anti-Venom Serum, creating a new symbiote.

Mortally-wounded by Phage on the orders of Carnage, Andi bonded to the symbiote thinking it was Scream. Dubbing itself Silence -- characterizing itself as the absence of Scream -- the symbiote took over Andi's body and handily defeated Phage using a version of Anti-Venom's cleansing touch,[3] disconnecting it from the Symbiote Hive-Mind.[4]



The Silence symbiote seemingly possesses the powers of the Scream symbiote combined with those of the Anti-Venom symbiote.[3][4]


  • Unlike Anti-Venom and his Iterations, Silence expresses an individual personality.

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