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The Silencers invaded the Macro Science Museum to steal the museum's micro-fusion generator during a demonstration of the F.A.C.A.D.E. armor. They shut down the power with an electromagnetic pulse, then attacked the generator's guards, beating them badly and stuffing them in a closet. They were soon discovered by the vigilantes Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Gambit. The Black Cat slashed the female Silencer's suit with his vibra-claws; the resulting feedback knocked the Silencer out. Spider-Man's spider-sense alerted him to another Silencer behind him, who he knocked out with a headbutt. Another Silencer threatened to destroy the generator unless they were allowed to escape, but Gambit followed his voice and hit him with a charged playing card. The remaining Silencer grabbed Mike Wilson, the museum's curator, who had just stumbled upon the battle and took him hostage. However, Spider-Man cross-polarized two incompatible wires on an incapacitated Silencer, creating a disruptive counterpulse through the Silencers' mutual camouflage fields. The remaining Silencer was rendered visible, and Wilson elbowed him in the head, knocking him out. Spider-Man webbed all four Silencers up and left them for the police.[1]


Equipment: A four-man mercenary team clad in suits incorporating light-refractive materials and sonar-reflective implants, which rendered them mostly invisible and inaudible. The Silencers engaged in a spate of violent robberies stretching from New Orleans to New York City. At some point, they encountered the Black Cat.

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