Silent Fox was the leader of the Keewazi people, a Native American tribe that lived on a reservation in Oklahoma. He was the father of William Wingfoot, and grandfather of Wyatt Wingfoot a long time associate of the super-heroes known as the Fantastic Four.

As sorcerer in his own right, he was able to stop the monster known as Orrgo when he terrorized the tribe. Silent Fox was aware that Orrgo was merely a pawn the demon KhLΘg. [1] Some time later, Black Fox and his people were terrorized by what they thought was the Manidoog deity known as Tomazooma. Wyatt brought the Fantastic Four to investigate and they discovered that "Tomazooma" was actually a robot constructed by the Red Star Oil Company who were trying to frighten the Keewazi off their land so they could get to the oil buried there. [2] Some time later, Silent Fox and his people were terrorized by the Miracle Man, who had stolen the reality altering powers of the long lost Cheemuzwa Tribe.[3] Once again Wyatt and the Fantastic Four came to the aid of the Keewazi people and defeated the Miracle Man, who was later taken into the custody of the Cheemuzwa. [4] Silent Fox later was present when Wyatt was possessed by the demon Dryminextes, until he was exorcised by the Human Torch and Son of Satan. [5]

In more recent times, Silent Fox had died -- probably of old age -- passing on the mantle of leadership of the Keewazi to his grandson Wyatt. [6] His spirit was later summoned from the afterlife when Wyatt, Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, and the Fantastic Four's Human Torch and Thing came to the aid of the Keewazi when the threat of KhLΘg returned. [1]

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