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Synopsis for "Act 3: The Mother"

Quicksilver tells Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, and Luna that he took the remains of the Terrigen Crystals and pierced them into the skin on his chest to become one with the crystals. Black Bolt, seemingly under the influence of Maximus attacks Quicksilver. Quicksilver stays and takes it because he had been visited by himself and knew he had to stay.

Layla Miller and Jamie Madrox arrive. Layla hates Quicksilver. After a short fight Quicksilver tells about a trip further into the future where he apparently saw the destruction of the Inhumans on the moon from Earth.

Back on Attilan, Luna tells her mother that she saw something "bad" in Black Bolt's head with her new powers. At Maximus' cell, Medusa pays him a visit seems to bow at his feet.

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