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Silk visits the Fantastic Four at the Baxter Building to run simulations to test her powers and see why she isn't feeling well. Reed finds that physcially, there is nothing wrong with her, but that she might be suffering from anxiety as a result of having spent a large part of her life locked away. He gives her the number of a trusted psychiatrist although she assures him that she doesn't suffer from anxiety. After their private talk in Reed's lab they go to the living room for lunch where Cindy suckerpunches Peter for going around telling her backstory.

After Cindy agrees to go on a date with Johnny she swings to work, where Jameson tells her to leave since she's not being paid enough to come in on a Saturday. Later, Cindy goes dancing with Lola whom she asks whether she ever appears anxious to her. When Lola asks if Cindy is okay, she thinks back to the time her parents comforted her after finding out about her powers.

Even later, Silk and the Human Torch agree that instead of going on a dinner date, it would feel more natural to go out patrolling the city. While stopping criminals, Johnny brings up Cindy's encounter with Black Cat and explains that she has luck-based powers so Cindy needs to use her speed against her. At sunrise, Cindy kisses Johnny on the cheek and thanks him for the night.

Meanwhile, Black Cat has her army suited up and orders them to get Silk.

Solicit Synopsis

• Silk and Johnny Storm’s first date! Nuff’ said?

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