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Cindy Moon

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Synopsis for 1st story

Worried about the gang killing in Queens, Cindy hears from Derick about his next lead and alibis out to go cover him as Silk. She stifles his screaming at discovering a corpse just as Kasha confronts the Cannibals gang in the other room. As the Cannibals refuse Kasha's offer of "join or die", they attack in futility with some killed while Silk webs Derick in a closet to keep him out of the fighting. Upon Silk's arrival, she notices the same earpiece design as one of the goons who accosted Jonah in the subway the other night. Failing to get near the earpiece and overpowered, Cannibals members help her get free of Kasha, but the cat demon retreats finding herself unable to complete her mission. Later, Kasha returns to Saya bloodied with an update, but the businesswoman is unfazed at Silk's interference, comparing her brief superhero career to Kasha's mythical standing. When upset at Saya's passiveness, Kasha brings up her father's leadership, with Saya again showing dismissal given his fate as a brain in a jar.

At TNM, Derick informs Cindy and Jonah, who wants to bring in Silk since the heroine has been atop the situation and have her mediate the remaining gangs. Still in pain after fighting Kasha, Cindy fakes a different medical instance before going as Silk to get the gangs to talk on neutral ground. However, they choose a Korean bath house as their talking ground, and Silk running interference between members trying to kill each other over past grievances. Finally returning to her apartment, a fatigued Cindy updated Albert on her day as he informed her of their mother coming over to drop off supplies; sharing a snack before bed. The next day, Cindy is worried to find Dr. Sinclair had to go on a leave of absence for a family matter, but is swiftly calmed by her seeing her new handsome therapist, Max. Despite Max's congenial presence and welcoming aura, Cindy is reluctant to share too much since she only ever shared her Silk activities with Dr. Sinclair.

But she gets around that with selective phrasing and half-truths, yet opens up on her investigation connecting the cat demon to Fujinet and Saya Ishii due to his attractiveness, even learning Max is of Japanese ancestry. With her session time expires and she bids a farewell to Max, quietly reflecting on how she's attracted to her new therapist. Just after Cindy leaves, Max calls Saya, leading to an upset dialogue over her manipulative nature. Max is upset that Saya had be Cindy therapist, now realizing Saya's involvement in the gang murders, which doesn't faze her as she continues to tell him she has everything handled. Elsewhere, in the candle lit bowels of a deep cave, Kasha is performing a ceremony on a dead man's body.

Solicit Synopsis

• Someone is killing gangsters in Queens, leaving behind a trail of blood and…fur?

• Now Silk has to protect these low-level criminals from a bigger, nastier villain.

• Can she use her sleuthing skills to figure out who's behind it all and stop them before it's too late?


  • Saya calls Max "Brother Bear", likely indicating some familial bond. Given his codename and mentioning having separate fathers, it could be implied they're half-siblings sharing a mother, Matsuko Ishii.

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