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Quote1.png You want to know about Saya. And what kind of proud papa would I be if I didn't brag about my little girl? Quote2.png
Silvio Manfredi

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In another session with Max, Cindy again rephrases her Silk activities as job stress at TNM reporting on the gang murders. While opening up, the session ends abruptly with Derick texting her about another attack. Leaving to put on her Silk costume, she finds the police maintaining a perimeter at the Korean spa, entering to find the cat demon Kasha instants before she escaped. Feeling guilty, Cindy went to check on Jonah, who offered her some dinner with a pep talk. The next morning, Silk met with her friend Lola for information on Saya Ishii, to which Lola just showed her Saya's Instagram account, where she'd posted about her stay at the Woodward Hotel.

Amazed that people would just post their lives on social media, she followed up on the lead and was invited by Saya's security detail to chat as soon as she got to the hotel. Trading banter on being in 1960 with one another, Saya playfully dodged Cindy's questions until being shown a photo from a crime scene causing a quiet reaction, and triggering Cindy's Silk Sense. Asking for a comment, Saya made one about Cindy's outfit and confessed she was a "Silk" fangirl, alluding to and then admitting to knowing Cindy's secret identity. While Cindy was unfazed at her identity being at risk, Saya found Cindy's reaction to threats to be intriguing. Cindy's assurance that she would stop Saya's plans was met with intrigue and expectation. No longer hospitable, Saya's security swarm an easily evading Cindy, who then left through the window, no longer under pretense with Saya.

At TNM, Cindy was puzzled on Saya's deducing her identity and the "influencer" aspects of modern social media, before receiving a mysterious letter from a new contact with intel on Fujinet. Following the instructions in the letter to an abandoned office building, she was shocked to find her contact was Silvio Manfredi, the crime lord Silvermane, confirming himself as Saya's father. Elsewhere, after seeing Cindy's photo, Saya was tracking an absent Kasha. Following her to a cave, Saya was displeased to find Kasha summoning an Oni demon lord against her wishes.

Solicit Synopsis

• What is the connection between gangland murders, a cat demon, and a futuristic tech company?

• While Silk unravels the mystery, more people are getting hurt.

• A perilous meeting with tech CEO Saya Ishii brings Silk one step closer to the truth!

• And a classic Spider-Man villain sets his sights on Silk!

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