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Quote1.png I've worked too hard to prove that I'm more than just Silvermane's daughter. That I'm better. Quote2.png
Saya Ishii

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Meeting Silvio Manfredi, Cindy asks for and receives confirmation of his claim to be Saya Ishii's father, inviting her to sit and hear his story. During the Japanese tech boom, Silvio met Fujinet CEO Matsuko Ishii, and the two had an affair which birthed Saya. Growing up, Saya excelled and succeeded in all her invested participations, especially technology having inherited that aspect from Matsuko. Entering Saya's life at age 16, a dying Silvio begged Matsuko for help to repair himself as a cyborg, and Saya overheard the truth which disgusted her. After graduating from university with a robotics degree, Saya was coerced into a summer internship in New York City as Silvio was keeping Fujinet financially afloat. While initially reluctant, Saya observed Silvio's "managing" of his company, even took his comments about her tech skills as a challenge and upgraded his cybernetic body parts to prove herself. Completing her time and returning home to help run Fujinet, Saya only returned to the U.S. after Silvio's "death".

Elsewhere, Kasha completes her resurrection ritual for her master, while Saya observes from a hidden spot. Kasha welcomes back her master, informing them that humanity's fear and depravity are at fever pitches to ignite their extinction, as an angry Saya witnesses the demon cat's clear betrayal. Interrupting the ritual to asking about Kasha's master and remind her of their contract, Kasha refutes Saya, who activates reformative mini-drones from her many earrings and has them kill some of the other demon summoners. Alone with Kasha, the demon mocks her worth to her parents' legacies long enough to unbalance Saya, attempting to sacrifice her. When Saya pulls a Hail Mary and escapes, she has her drones carrying her out somewhere safe.

When Cindy notes that Saya is still unaware that he is alive, Silvio wished to keep it that way until he sought her out. He explains to Cindy that Saya is doing what she is doing not to honor him, but outdo him and prove herself better. He then clarifies that he told Cindy the story on Saya to warn her to stay away from her and orders his men to hurt Cindy, only for her to escape with mace and races down the stairway; strangely enough earning his respect and thinking Cindy can match Saya. As Silk web swinging away, Cindy understands Saya better given the nature of Silvermane being her father. But as Saya knows Cindy is Silk, she races home to check on Albert and finds him safe. Explaining away the suddenness of her arrival as needing to head to the bathroom, Cindy is quietly relieved until reaching her bedroom to find a beleaguered Saya asking for her help.

Solicit Synopsis


• Silk learns the truth about Saya Ishii from a chat with Silvermane!

• But he's not about to let her live to tell the tale…

• Meanwhile, Saya goes toe-to-claw with the cat demon, Kasha!

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