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Quote1 No! I feel Silly, you are Ziggy, get all the way in! That's right! Now I lock the box. There! Now let's see, what were those magic words I was supposed to say! How foolish of me, I seem to have forgotten! I'll be right back, Ziggy! I'll have to run home and look up those magic words I was supposed to say. Quote2
Silly Seal[src]


Silly Seal is an anthropomorphic animal who, together with his partner Ziggy Pig, is often involved in comical situations, often pitied against their rival Toughy Tomcat. Of the two, Silly Seal is the "stooge", and the bumbling one.


Silly Seal returned to the world as a much-loved multimillionaire and famous comedian. He is CEO of Silly Seal Enterprises and is married to a human lady called Roxanne. His partnership with Ziggy fell apart, but thanks to a visit to Doctor Doom and The Late Snow with Stephen Cold Bear they're back together as friends again.[1]

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