James Allen was a gifted tech support specialist who was contracted by a mysterious benefactor to decipher the functionality of a unique item of interest to their company, an alien suit that had the ability to alternate or lock a set position within any given area circumference, effectively making it immovable and indestructible while proper coordinates were set to the right space. James asked his brother, Edmund Allen, for help in testing out its functionality through use of the neural interface it came with, but while they were testing it, James was waylaid by his employer, Mr. Crann, after he kept the truth about the suit from him.[1]


The suit enables its wearer to control how perfectly one occupies a single position in space. This made it and its wearer virtually indestructible as it could perfectly lock itself in place in any given area while the world moved around it, it was activated by thought through a neural command device attuning it to keeping a fixed or alternating setting to planetary orbit allowing its wearer to literally walk on air. Potentially if they could be made to move on their own, one can attain absolute physical strength and invulnerability as well as spatiokinetic flight thanks to its perfect occupation of space.[1]

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