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The Silver Burper's history of is similar to that of the Earth-616 Silver Surfer, only sillier.

Born on the planet Hoop-La, Borin' Kadd tried to flee when Galacticus arrived. Instead, he was swallowed up by Galacticus' ship and offered a traveling salesman job. He accepted and became the Simple Surfer, but quickly got in trouble by giving away free lifetime magazine subscriptions to the Fantastical Four. As punishment for this mistake, Galacticus banished the Surfer to Earth.[1]

While on Earth, he became known as the Silver Burper (because of all the uncontrollable burping). Envious of his silver surfboard, Doctor Bloom befriended him and then stole the Burper's powers. Only the Fantastical Four was able to stop him from destroying the world.[2]

The Silver Burper has had numerous jobs while being banished on Earth. He's worked as a baseball stadium vendor[3], been employed by J. Jawbone Junkton[4], operated a carnival ride[1], and gave kids surfboard rides on the ocean[1].

Upon getting rid of his burps, he began calling himself the Simple Surfer again. The Surfer started getting depressed about his fate of being banished to Earth, which he saw as dirty and violent world, but his outlook on life was finally lifted when he discovered the perfect place on Earth for him: the beach with fellow surfers.[1]

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