Silver Ghost was one of the members of Blue Streak's newest team, the Fast Five.

Soon after robbing a bank, the team skated through the city, but soon came across Spectrum of the Mighty Avengers, they divided to avoid capture, but the other Avengers followed their trail.

Silver Ghost used her suit's shielding to deflect Spectrum's attack, and then turned on an anti-visibility coating to continue her escape. However, Spectrum followed her radiation trail, and altered her light-form to impersonate Blue Streak to get close enough to Silver Ghost to take her by surprise and phase through her suit, knocking her out.[1]

Silver Ghost and the rest of the Fast Five were seen as inmates at Pleasant Hill.[2]

After her confinement, Silver Ghost later appeared in New York City with her team as they ransacked a Damage Control convoy filled with Asgardian weapons left behind from the War of the Realms. As she tried to make a get away, the team and her were confronted by the new Valkyrie.

Silver Ghost activated her invisibility coating in hopes that Valkyrie wouldn't be able to follow, but somehow Foster used some kind of enhanced vision which allowed her to see Silver Ghost fleeing the scene. She used her All-Weapon Undrjarn as a bolo and fired it at Silver Ghost tangling around her feet causing her to fall over. Silver Ghost was then apprehended and taken into custody by the NYPD along with her teammates.[3]

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