Sable and her Wild Pack were hired by Bolivar Trask to capture Eddie Brock, who was in possession of the Venom Suit. She captured Eddie after he was defeated by Spider-Man. She met up with Eddie later after escaped SHIELD following a confrontation with Spider-Man and Electro. While riding a hovercraft, Eddie revealed Spider-Man's secret identity to Sable. When Eddie transformed into Venom, Sable attempted to detain him, but he escaped, taking Sable with him as they fell towards the city. They later fought in the middle of the city streets, with Venom gaining the upper hand. The Wild Pack arrived, and after a long, brutal chase through the city, Venom easily wiped out the Wild Pack and crashed the hovercraft into the water.

Later on, Venom attacked Sable on the Queensboro Bridge, knocking her out before carrying her across the city, only to be chased down and fought by Spider-Man, whom Sable was trying to capture. Spider-Man succeeded in defeating him but fell unconscious shortly after due to the tranquilizers Sable had shot him with earlier. Silver Sable delivered both Eddie and Spider-Man to Trask.[1]


Seemingly those of Silver Sable from Earth-1610.

Strength level

Peak human


Her costume is lined with synthetic Kevlar, which can absorb impact from a .45 caliber handgun at close range.


She often carries a silver coated handgun and dagger, but uses stun guns when she wishes to take an opponent alive. She has also carried a booby-trapped cell phone capable of discharging an electric shock that has enough force to knock out Spider-Man.

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