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Appearing in "Death Threats"

Featured Characters:

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  • Taxis and limos

Synopsis for "Death Threats"

Silver hires lawyer Foggy Nelson for Jacques' case, after which she is attacked by Deadpool, who has been sent by the Genesis Coalition. [Continuity 1] Instead of defeating him easily, Silver agrees to pay him more money to make him resign and reveal who hired him. On his orientation day, Larry hits Powell. Paladin reports progress on Lee's case, [Continuity 2] and reveals that the Foreigner is attempting to gain controlling interest in Silver Sable International. Dmitri is arrested by the Genesis Coalition.

Appearing in "Doubts and insecurities"

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Synopsis for "Doubts and insecurities"

Sandman wants to earn Sable's respect, as she attracts him and put him in charge of the Intruders. Sandman helps the firefighters at a fire, earning their respect.


Continuity Notes[]

  1. The Genesis Coalition returns after having been seen last in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #12.
  2. Paladin had been tracking accountant Mr. Lee since Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #18.

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