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Quote1 My annual dinner with Victor von Doom is considered by most to be mere diplomatic negotiation. Quote2
Silver Sable

Appearing in "My Dinner with Doom?"

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Synopsis for "My Dinner with Doom?"

Every year, Silver has a diplomatic dinner with Dr. Doom in Latveria. [Continuity 1] This year, however, Doom is absent due to time travel with Kang and, because of the Infinity War, a duplicate of Doom has appeared pretending to be the original. The imposter attempts to capture Silver, but she manages to sneak into Doom's castle. The Wild Pack notices that Silver's driver is not responding, and they decide to go see if she needs help.


This story takes place during Infinity War #3.

Continuity Notes[]

  1. While going to the dinner, Silver mentions her interest in finding her enemy Dmitri, and considers asking Doom about Dmitri. Silver had confronted Dmitri in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #1, and sent Paladin after him in Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #3.

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