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Quote1.png My annual dinner with Victor von Doom is considered by most to be mere diplomatic negotiation. Quote2.png
Silver Sable

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Synopsis for "My Dinner with Doom?"

Doctor Doom meets with Kang. They plan to trace a powerful energy source, and walk towards a spaceship. Doom's doppelganger watches them fly away, then defends itself from a Doombot.

Silver Sable arrives in a carriage for her annual dinner with Doom. She is greeted by the doppelganger, and they go inside the castle. Servo-Guards kill her driver outside. Near the end of the meal, the doppelganger does not like the taste of its drink, so it kills a servant. Silver speaks out against this, then the doppelganger hits her. She realizes it is not the real Doctor Doom.

In a dimensional corridor, Kang and Doom follow Galactus' ship.

At Castle Sable, Morty and the Wild Pack watch news reports about the attack on Four Freedoms Plaza and American heroes fighting their doppelgangers. They try to contact Silver's driver, but get static. Morty demands they go get her.

At Castle Doom, Silver fights multiple Doom-Knights and Doombots.

The Wild Pack board a plane and wait for Sandman to join them. However, he is attacked my his doppelganger, which then merges with him.

In a communications room, Doom's doppelganger finds Silver disguised as a Doombot.


This story takes place during Infinity War #3.

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