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Quote1.png Your words lack vision, Kang, but you will soon learn the meaning of ultimate power! Quote2.png
Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Double Jeopardy"

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  • five Cosmic Cubes (incredibly concentrated astral energy containment units)


Synopsis for "Double Jeopardy"

In a communications room, Dr. Doom's doppelganger finds Silver Sable partially disguised as a Doombot. She blasts a hole in the floor and escapes.

The Wild Pack and Sandman are on a plane heading to Latveria. Sandman has been merged with and taken over by his doppelganger. He attacks the team, causing the plane to fly out of control.

Kang and the real Dr. Doom arrive in another dimension. They leave their ship and continue tracking a power source.

Silver finds some inactive Doombots. She further disguises herself in full armor and face mask, then remotely controls the rest to attack Doom's doppelganger. It destroys the drones and resumes searching for Silver, not knowing that she accompanies him.

The Wild Pack continues fighting Sandman. Battlestar knocks him out with his shield. The doppelganger reverts to a mass of tentacles. Their plane is hit by blasts from Doombots and Servo-Guards, then crashes into the castle.

Silver reveals herself by attacking Doom's doppelganger. They fight through the castle, while her team fights the robot guards.

In the other dimension, Kang and Dr. Doom find five cosmic cubes.

The Doom doppelganger is defeated by Silver, and also reverts to its true tentacled form. The team returns to their plane and find the real Sandman underneath the remains of his doppelganger. Silver says that whatever Earth's heroes are dealing with is out of the team's league.


This story takes place during Infinity War #4.

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