In this reality, like in Earth-616, Silver Sable is a mercenary expert in chasing war criminals. Soon after the Doomsman III 's attack to Doomstadt, Sable started tracking the Doomsman's designer, German scientist Wolfgang Kriesglieber - who was guilty of war crimes while serving the Nazis during World War II. Kriesglieber had indeed worked for the Nazis under duress - then deserted; the Nazis took his family away and Kriegslieber started working for Dr. Doom's government, believing him to be a pacifist. The evil cult Darkholders manipulated Kriesglieber to betray Doom and work in the robot that would attack Doomstadt. Aghast at seeing that, Kriegslieber had deserted and ran away once more, but Sable had found him.

Doctor Doom had also found Kriesglieber and sent some superhero allies of his to bring Kriesglieber for "re-conditioning". The heroes found Sable at the same time, leading to a confrontation - which only got worse because the Darkholders were also after Kriesglieber.[citation needed]


Same of Silver Sable of Earth-616.

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