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A new high tech armor featuring weapons and gadgets of an advanced nature invented by teen prodigal genius Shingen Harada II in Japan. Shingen lacked the physical or unnatural skills of his fore-bearer; the original Silver Samurai. Shin grew up studying advanced robotics, cybernetics and mechatronics since his early life as an orphan building his very first bionic armor as a child from a host of makeshift appliances.[1]

During a daring break in at a high security technologies firm in Tokyo for the final component he needs for his armor. Shin was testing the functionality of his suits helmet noting he was explosively decapitated using it 32% of the time in computer simulations he would run using it.

The ultimate test however, came when he assaulted a big criminal ring meeting turned mob war between sects of the branches of Yakuza and a rogue branch of The Hand. Both sides after Shin for his inheritance of the late Silver Samurai's headship of Clan Yashida, where he would eventually do battle with Wolverine in it gaining the upper-hand for a time.


The Silver Samurai's cybernetic Armor was outfitted for the purpose of compensating for his lack of superhuman prowess. Accessible features shown so far include ignition propellant jet boots for Mach speed flight, armor markedly protecting the wearer from the rigors of such motions.

They could also be used offensively beyond the purposes of aviation, firing them full thrust upon a target incinerating them.

Helmet piece could move and remove plating segmentation over the face by will of thought, as well as enable the direct neural interfacing with the rest of the armors circuitry. Effectively making both it and its weaponry all mentality based activated.

Armor composition integrates lightweight carbon composite titanium steel affording impressive protection, computerized exoskeletal servos increase the physical abilities of the wearer 50 fold.

Armaments include a pair of bladeless katana which utilize both nanomolecular linear fabricators forging telescoping monomolecular razor edges, along with parachronal tachyon drivers running energy along the skean vastly increasing their cutting edge. They can also be recalled to the owners hand; likely via magnetic induction, in the event they slip from the users grasp.

Other weapons available are energy swords and stilettos adorning the waistline with the blades hidden in sheath's within the armors sleeves.

Among other applicable anlace's there's the nuclear powered nunchaku hidden on his person and finally, the detachable/orbital chassis around the waistline that serve as shield bits, shuriken dispensers and withhold powerful particle drivers for a massive wave motion blast cannon. One strong enough to flay the skin from Wolverine and eviscerate several dozen people in a single shot.

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