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Quote1 I could not do what I do, I could not be what I am, if, like hapless humans, I were subject to emotions unbridled. No! I am Galactus! I cannot be more! I dare note be less! Quote2
Galactus (Galan)

Appearing in "Silver Surfer: Judgment Day"

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Synopsis for "Silver Surfer: Judgment Day"

Brief Summary:
Mephisto continues his quest to steal the Silver Surfer's soul. He takes over Nova's mind, encouraging her to bring Galactus to any planet to consume, whether it has life on it or not. The Surfer discovers that Nova has recently been undeterred from keeping her master sated and searches out to stop her. They battle and Galactus punishes them by banishing them to the planet that they were fighting over. Desperate to leave the planet and stop Galactus, the Silver Surfer agrees to give Mephisto his soul in order to be able to leave the planet. Instead, Mephisto takes them both back to his realm. Galactus discovers their plight and goes to Mephisto's Realm to save his heralds. He threatens to consume Mephisto's domain and succeeds in freeing the two heralds.

Detailed Summary:
While soaring through space, the Silver Surfer comes across a mystic portal guarded by three beautiful women. Sensing that something is amiss, the Surfer refuses to enter the portal and the three sirens turn into demons. They attack him, but are quickly defeated by the Surfer. Watching the battle from a distance, Mephisto witnesses the failure of his latest attempt to steal the Silver Surfer's soul.

The Silver Surfer continues with his travels and comes across Nova. They spend some time together, before Nova has to leave to continue her search for Galactus' next planet to consume. The Surfer is relieved to see Nova pass over an inhabited planet as they part ways.

Nova comes across the same mystic portal that the Surfer found and is lured into it. Once inside she comes under the control of Mephisto, who increases her desire to please her master, Galactus. With this mental prodding, Nova ignores her goal to not destroy life and instead leads Galactus to every suitable planet that she can find whether it has life on it or not.

The Silver Surfer discovers that Nova is now leading Galactus to consume inhabited planets and quickly sets out to find the reason why. He confronts Nova and she becomes defensive. The Surfer tries to stop her from harming more planets and a battle between the two breaks out. Their battle attracts the attention of Galactus, who shows his displeasure of both by banishing them to the planet that they were fighting over.

Galactus leaves them to go and find more planets to consume and the Surfer is trapped, helpless to stop him. Mephisto appears and offers to free them from Galactus' banishment, but only if the Silver Surfer gives him his soul. The Surfer resists at first, but concedes to the deal when he realizes that this is the only way to stop the planet-eater.

Mephisto takes them to his realm, but not before Nova sends out a distress signal to Galactus. Galactus arrives in Mephisto's Realm and demands that his two herald's are released. The two battle fiercely, but it quickly ends once Galactus threatens to consume the dark realm. Mephisto concedes and lets Galactus, Nova, and the Silver Surfer exit his domain.

Solicit Synopsis

Here it comes! A 64-page, dazzingly beautiful hardcover edition featuring a brand new adventure by the team who brought you the Silver Surfer back in the ‘60’s! It’s the Surfer vs. Mephisto! Mephisto vs. Galactus! And it looks like the Silver Surfer will finally surrender his soul to Mephisto! Each page of story a full-page illustration!


  • This story does not appear to occur in the Silver Surfer's current timeline. At the time of this graphic novel being published, Nova and the Surfer are in the middle of saving Galactus' life from the Elders of the Universe. [1] Also, currently Nova has no problems with leading Galactus to consume inhabited planets. Only later does Nova start to feel guilty about her role in the destruction of alien races.
  • This is not the first time that Mephisto has nullified the restraints that Galactus had placed on the Silver Surfer. [2]


  • The softcover edition's cover is a painting by Joe Jusko based on a sketch by John Buscema. Jusko had asked Buscema to provide pencil art for this cover, so it could serve as a basis for his painting. The penciled version was later inked by Tom Palmer.
  • Original plot by Tom DeFalco and John Buscema with a script by Stan Lee.
  • Book design by Marc Siry.
  • Art assist by Vince Mielcarek.
  • The cover art of the hardcover edition was later used as the box art for the Nintendo Silver Surfer video game.
  • The Silver Surfer logo used for this graphic novel was first and last seen on the cover of Silver Surfer (Vol. 2) #1, but will soon be the main logo used on Silver Surfer comics for years to come.

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