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Synopsis for "Silver Surfer: Judgment Day"

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The barrier keeping the Silver Surfer on Earth is shattered! The Suffer is free to span the spaceways once more! But can the skyrider of the spaceways abandon mankind to attain his dream?


  • Cover art: hardcover edition by Jusko; softcover edition by Buscema (sketch) and Jusko (painting). Jusko had asked Buscema to provide pencil art for this cover. so it could serve as a basis for his painting. This pencilled version was later inked by Palmer, so Palmer doesn't get a cover credit for this issue.[1]
  • Plot by DeFalco and Buscema, script by Lee.
  • Art assist by Mielcarek.


  • Although this is supposed to be the first graphic novel in which every page only has one panel, page 28 actually has three.
  • The cover art was later used for the cover of the Nintendo Silver Surfer video game.

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