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Synopsis for "The Coming of Galactus"

Reprints Fantastic Four issues from:
Fantastic Four Vol 1 48 (minus the first 7 pages) to Fantastic Four Vol 1 50 (first 13 pages only)


  • The Silver Surfer gets top billing even though this trade paperback reprints parts of three issues of the Fantastic Four.
  • The first 7 pages from Fantastic Four Vol 1 48 are omitted. The last two panels from page 7 of that issue, which introduce the Silver Surfer, have been redrawn and made into a splash page for this trade paperback.
  • The last 7 pages from Fantastic Four Vol 1 50 are omitted. The final two panels from page 13 have been flipped around, so that the final panel features the Silver Surfer instead of Alicia Masters.

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