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Quote1 I have only known one other man who is your equal in spirit and in the strength of his love! What a pity he must destroy you! Quote2

Appearing in "The Enslavers"

Featured Characters:


Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Silver Surfer's Surfboard (Main story and recap)
  • Enslaver Mother Ship
  • Tnneya's Space Yacht
  • Lord Enslaver's Cruiser
  • Enslaver Space Ship

Synopsis for "The Enslavers"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer is attempting to solve the mystery of how Zenn-La became abandoned and desolate, while an alien race makes first contact with Earth. The alien race claims to come in peace, but secretly invades Earth and neutralizes all of the super-powered beings. It turns out that the aliens are the The Enslavers, a race of space travelers that plunders all planets that they come across. It turns out that they are also the ones responsible for destroying Zenn-La and capturing its people. Silver Surfer eventually realizes all this and sets out to stop them and free their prisoners. The Surfer battles the Lord of the Enslavers and defeats him. Humbled, the Enslavers leave the Earth and all their prisoners behind. After repairing Earth and receiving a hero's welcome from the super-powered communities, the Silver Surfer sets out to lead the survivors all back to their home planets.

Detailed Summary:
While traveling through space, Galactus comes across a satellite from Earth. This only brings up bad memories for him, so he releases the probe and continues his search for the next planet to consume. This has been more difficult lately, since the Enslavers have arrived. Both entities seek out planets' resources for their sustenance.

Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer frantically speeds through space in search of help. He loses consciousness after colliding with a meteor storm and crashes into the house of Reed and Sue Richards.

The Earth satellite continues its trip through space and comes into contact with the Enslaver's Mother Ship. The ship's computers analyze the satellite and send communication to Earth. At NASA Headquarters, Earl Weygand is thrilled to receive an alien race's response back from the satellite that his research team sent out into deep space. Their message is that they are coming in peace.

The Richards tend to the injured Silver Surfer and as he sleeps he is overcome with a cosmic nightmare. The visions are so severe that the Surfer's Power Cosmic lifts their house up into space. Luckily, the Surfer awakens before the house is completely destroyed and anyone is hurt. Now awake, the Surfer explains to Reed that the people of Zenn-La are missing, the planet is desolate, and he has no idea why. Reed encourages him to go back and investigate further and the Surfer optimistically complies.

With the Silver Surfer gone, Reed is able to watch an interview of Earl Weygand. He explains that he broadcasted everything there is to know about the human race out into space and an alien race has responded. Reed is concerned by his openness, but before he can do anything he is attacked by an alien soldier. In fact, all of Earth's super-powered beings have been secretly attacked and subdued by these mysterious alien soldiers. The aliens are the Enslavers and they are lead by the Lord Enslaver, who has the power to defeat all of Earth's mightiest heroes and absorb their strength into his own body.

The Silver Surfer arrives on Zenn-La, desperate to find a clue to where Shalla Bal and the other Zenn-Lavians have disappeared. He sees two stars in the distance, which are the same stars that appeared in his dream. He decides to head towards the stars and see wears it leads him.

The Enslavers travel the universe, capturing alien races and using their planet's resources to power their enormous Mother Ship. The next victim is Earth and their attack has already begun with the capturing of all the planet's super-powered beings. They are lead by the Lord Enslaver, he gets anything he desires and what he desires most is Tnneya. However, Tnneya tires of his ruthlessness and being seen as property and decides to flee the Enslavers. The Enslavers are notified of her departure and set out to get her back.

As the Silver Surfer soars through space, he comes across Tnneya being attacked by the Enslavers. He saves her and is enchanted by her powers, thinking that he has finally found his lost Shalla Bal.

The Enslavers reach Earth and begin the forced extraction of the human race.

The Silver Surfer realizes that his emotions have been manipulated and insists that he needs to find those responsible for Zenn-La's disappearance. Tnneya knows who he is looking for, The Enslavers, but says that he has no chance of stopping them. He insists on her bringing him to the Lord Enslaver and she complies.

They arrive on Earth to find Shalla Bal on the feet of the Lord Enslaver. The Silver Surfer challenges him to battle, but he also realizes that he needs help in destroying the source of the Enslaver's power. He transmits half of his Power Cosmic to Earl Weygand, who is eager to correct his mistake of leading the Enslavers to Earth.

The powered-down Silver Surfer struggles to last in battle against the Lord Enslaver, but as he buys time the newly-powered Earl Weygand attacks the Mother Ship and is successful at destroying its power source just as he expires in battle. With the Enslavers power source gone and the Silver Surfer's lost Power Cosmic returning to him, he is able to overcome and defeat the Lord Enslaver.

Defeated, the Enslavers leave the Earth and the alien races that they had captured behind. The Silver Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to repair Earth and is given a hero's welcome by Earth's superheroes. The Silver Surfer and Shalla Bal bid farewell to Earth and set off to escort back the alien races to their home planets.

Solicit Synopsis

When aliens find the voyager probe, they take it as an invitation to come to Earth. Earth scientists welcome them with open arms, not knowing the aliens are actually villainous Enslavers, intent on capturing millions of Earth people to be used as living batteries for the Enslaver space ship. It’s up to the Silver Surfer and one, lone Earth scientist to save the day.


  • Galactus agreed to spare Earth, but, because of the Silver Surfer's betrayal, he banished him to the planet as punishment. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer's cosmic nightmare produced vision of some of his most fearsome foes and traumatic events:
    • Norrin Radd being turned into the Silver Surfer by Galactus. [2]
    • Mephisto, who continues to try and steal the Surfer's soul. [3]
    • The Stranger, who prevented the Surfer from escaping Earth because the Surfer had to stop him from blowing up the planet. [4]
    • Quasimodo, who the Surfer broke back to life but then had to fight in order to prevent him from harming humanity. [5]
    • Doctor Doom, who stole the Surfer's Power Cosmic. [6]
    • The Badoon, who attempted to take over the Earth, but were stopped by the Surfer. [7]
    • Abomination, who was brought back to life and threatened to destroy humanity if not for the Surfer's interference. [8]
  • The Silver Surfer tried to get the world's countries to join together by making himself be an enemy of humanity. However, he almost died if the Fantastic Four hadn't saved him from a sonic shark missile that was launched to destroy him. [9]
  • The Silver Surfer's vision of Shalla Bal references when she walked the deserts of Zenn-La, bringing plant life back with the Power Cosmic given to her by the Surfer. [10]


  • Stan Lee wrote the story outline during Jim Shooter's stint as editor-in-chief. Seven or eight years later Keith Pollard finished the art, but the result was a very different story from what was initially outlined.
  • Designer: Dawn Geiger
  • Special thanks to Tom Christopher and Jan Harpes (spelling should be: Jan Harps). It's not mentioned, but most likely the two helped out with the inking duties.

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Recommended Reading

  • Silver Surfer #6 - In some ways, an earlier version of this story. It had similar concepts and character types.

The story references:

  • Fantastic Four #72 - The Silver Surfer being attacked while trying to save the world from war.

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