Quote1 Ah, Adam Warlock. Long have we wondered if the rumors of your existence were true. Had we allowed them to become public, you would be an interstellar legend now. Quote2
-- Supreme Intelligence

Appearing in "The Forever War"

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  • Kree Warships
  • Skrull Warships

Synopsis for "The Forever War"

The Surfer asks the Kree's Supreme Intelligence to help him find Zenn-La, but before they give him an audience with the Supremor, he must do something for them. While on his task, he is swallowed by a spacial anomaly where Adam Warlock is in a never-ending battle with the Kree. The Surfer frees Warlock from the battle, and both of them return to the Kree Home World. There they discover that the Supremor has evil plans for Warlock. The two heroes escape, and Warlock learns about the destruction of his people. Though the Surfer asks Warlock to join him, Adam Warlock chooses to return to the anomaly where he can fight his "forever war", forget, and live on in honor.


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Character Actor
Silver Surfer/Norrin RaddPaul Essiembre
Adam WarlockOliver Becker
Supreme IntelligenceDavid Hemblen
Prime Minister ZarekChristopher Britton

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