Quote1 On Zenn-La, the Master would have said that, by sacrificing my needs for those of others, I too met a challenge. But the only time I will feel victorious, is when my arms are around Shalla-Bal, my lost love... Quote2
-- Silver Surfer

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Synopsis for "Innervisions"

The Silver Surfer finds a series of planets that have been devastated by Thanos, and Surfer rushes to warn the next planet in Thanos' target. It is a planet known as Harmony, and Surfer was on his way there to learn of Zenn-La by use of a gift his people gave to the planet; but the people of Harmony used the gift to live in a perpetual dream. Unaware of their impending doom at the hands of Thanos. Surfer enters the dream and convinces one of their heroes, Beta Ray Bill, to help defeat Thanos. But how can they do that when all Thanos really wants is the love and approval of Lady Chaos?


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Character Actor
Silver Surfer/Norrin RaddPaul Essiembre
Beta Ray BillKarl Pruner
ThanosGary Krawford

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