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"Second Foundation"
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Quote1 How ironic that I, who have been raised with a devotion to harmony and peace, am being called upon to save the fiercest savages who ever roamed trough space. And yet, can any man turn his back on another, and still call himself civilized? Quote2
-- Silver Surfer

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Synopsis for "Second Foundation"

Nova is torn between her duties for Galactus and her loyalty to the Silver Surfer. After finding a young planet filled with the energy Galactus needs to survive, she helps the Surfer try to find Zenn-La. They end up on the ancient Skrull homeworld, where they become fighters in a Skrull revolution that is tearing apart the world of the shape-changers. Their duty is to protect the royal egg which is to become the next hive mother of the Skrull.


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Character Actor
Silver Surfer/Norrin RaddPaul Essiembre
NovaTara Rosling
KiarDavid Calderisi
MaciagMichael Copeman
Kili the TrollElizabeth Hanna

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