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Quote1 Soon -- ! My time will soon come! For right is on my side -- and I am destined to triumph! I am Millennius! Millennius!! Quote2

Appearing in "Millennius!"

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Synopsis for "Millennius!"

While cruising over the planet, the Silver Surfer is surprised to discover a pair of Asgardian Ice Giants menacing a small island. He dispatches the two giants, and goes to find Thor to see if he knows anything about it. They are both surprised to find that they have the fact that both of their home worlds have been destroyed in common. They decide to travel into the past to investigate Asgard's destruction. Unbeknownst to them, Millennius has intercepted their temporal travel and brings them to his prison dimension. There, he plans on draining the power cosmic from the Silver Surfer to effect his freedom. Millennius goes to confront Thor, the son of the author of his imprisonment. It was in reality, Odin and the Asgardians that banished him to this dimension when he wanted to destroy all life on Earth. Thor and the Surfer barely manage to escape his dimension, and they then go their separate ways.

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