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Quote1 Oh, my naïve child. These beings die for the highest of callings -- to keep me alive. Such is the way of things. Such has been prophesied. I cannot have you driven mad by this. So those memories must go. Quote2

Appearing in "Facing the Music"

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Synopsis for "Facing the Music"

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Solicit Synopsis

What mysteries await buried deep within the cosmic multitudes of the Marvel annals? Why — it’s an UNTOLD STORY of the dark and tragic past of the SILVER SURFER, brought to you the mighty Marvel way by ETHAN SACKS (writer of OLD MAN HAWKEYE) and ANDRÉ LIMA ARAÚJO (of the THANOS ANNUAL)!

Anxious to find a world worthy enough to sate the mighty hunger of GALACTUS, Norrin Radd’s early explorations as the Devourer’s new Herald bear no fruit. Until the Surfer discovers an exotic alien planet teeming with life… and energy enough to finally satisfy his master. But can the Surfer really doom an entire sentient civilization just to save his own?


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