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Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

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Born by the hand of the world-devourer, Galactus, Norrin Radd sacrificed himself to save his home planet and his true love, Shalla-Bal, but the price of their lives was servitude to the mighty Galactus - as his herald, the Silver Surfer! Now, exiled upon Earth, he struggles to understand the beauty and humanity of mortal men, and nobly seeks to heal the rifts that separate man from his brothers.

Created by the titanic team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR, the Silver Surfer went on to become one of the most-beloved characters in all comicdom. Embodying the mind-blowing concepts of Kirby and Stan's socially conscious writing craft, the Surfer's stories expressed their creative vision in staggering and unique tales. Another talent would touch the character, however, granting him a soul-wrenching humanity that helped define him to this very day: the one and only John Buscema! A master of the craft, Buscema's Silver Surfer is considered by many to be the peak of comic-book art.

Now, the original adventures of the Silver Surfer are presented in one complete volume! Containing every story and letters page, restored and recolored to match the original issues, plus behind-the-scenes bonuses and critical essays, this book is the guaranteed way to get in on the character in the upcoming Fantastic Four film!

This issue collects following issues:


  • The 1st printing contains Silver Surfer Vol 1 1-18. Subsequent printings also contain stories from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 5 and Not Brand Echh Vol 1 13.
  • Only the main stories are reprinted from Silver Surfer Vol 1 1-7 and not the Watcher back-up stories.
  • Only the Silver Surfer story is reprinted from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 5.
  • Only the Simple Surfer story is reprinted from Not Brand Echh Vol 1 13.

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