Quote1 Threats! Threats! Must all men threaten? Is it anti-human to appeal to reason? Quote2
-- Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "A World He Never Made!"

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  • Yarro Gort Next (First appearance) (Main story and flashback)
  • El Capitan (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "A World He Never Made!"

Brief Summary:
Shalla-Bal travels to Earth to find the Silver Surfer. In order to learn more about how the humans think, he decides to disguise his appearance and walk amongst them. He arrives at a South American town and is instantly attacked by armed men. A woman helps him, but is later captured by them. The Surfer attacks their headquarters and rescues the woman. Shalla-Bal arrives to see another woman in her beloved's arms.

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Detailed Summary:
In order to find Norrin Radd, Shalla-Bal has sought the help of Zenn-La's most skill scientist, Yarro Gort. Gort has only agreed to help in order to prove to her that the Silver Surfer is either dead or has found another lover. Since she doesn't believe this is true, Shalla-Bal agrees to marry him if this is what is found and thus he builds a ship to take both of them to Earth.

Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer comes to the rescue of a police officer who is trying to talk down a suicidal bridge jumper. They both fall, but the Surfer catches them. Even though he brings them to safety, the gathered crowd still refuses to believe that his intentions were good. The Surfer leaves, determined to find out why humans are so untrustworthy.

The Surfer decides to make another attempt to integrate himself into human society. Taking some clothes and left over money from the late Al Harper's home, the Surfer travels to a small South American town where he finds that it is under attack by an occupying army. After defeating some soldiers who tried to arrest him for being out after curfew, the Surfer is offered refuge by a villager named Maria who lets him stay the night hidden in her attic.

However, minutes later, Maria is captured for not revealing the location of the Surfer. He awakens later to find her gone and travels to the occupying force's castle. He fights past the guards and frees Maria from El Capitan. As they escape the castle, Maria kisses the Surfer in thanks, a sight which is seen by Shalla-Bal and Yarro as they arrive in Earth's atmosphere.

Solicit Synopsis

Once more the Surfer dons a dramatic disguise to walk – and fight – among the human race!


  • The Who Speaks for the Surfer? letter column has letters published from: Charles Swift, Loren MacGregor, Pieter Sajovic, and Thomas Lane.

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