Quote1 Threats! Threats! Must all men threaten? Is it anti-human to appeal to reason? Quote2
-- Silver Surfer

Appearing in "A World He Never Made!"

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Synopsis for "A World He Never Made!"

In order to prove that the Silver Surfer is either destroyed or has moved on to a new lover in order to get Shalla-Bal to agree to marrying him, Yarro Gort -- Zenn-La's most wealthy man -- has built a ship to take both of them to Earth.

Meanwhile, the Surfer decides to make another attempt to integrate himself into human society. Taking some clothes and left over money from the late Al Harper's home, the Surfer travels to a small South American town where he finds that it is under the control of an evil dictator. After defeating some soldiers who tried to arrest him for being out after curfew, the Surfer is brought in by a freedom fighter named Maria and hidden in her attic while she prepares to meet with her fellow resistance fighters.

However, Maria is captured, and when the Surfer awakens later, he travels to the dictator's ("El Capitan") castle and fights past the guards, and frees Maria. As they escape the castle, Maria kisses the Surfer in thanks, a sight which is seen by Shalla-Bal and Yarro as they arrive in Earth's atmosphere.

Solicit Synopsis

Once more the Surfer dons a dramatic disguise to walk — and fight — among the human race!

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