Quote1 Once on Earth, I must find a way to change her loathing for me to love! I must prove to be a better man than her accursed Norrin Radd! Quote2
-- Yarro Gort

Appearing in "O, Bitter Victory!"

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  • Undisclosed Latin America Country



Synopsis for "O, Bitter Victory!"

Silver Surfer Vol 1 11 001
With the dictator army fighting back resistance forces, the ship piloted by Yarro Gort is spotted and shot out of the sky, prompting Yarro and Shalla-Bal to abandon ship. The Surfer, noticing the ship prevents it from crashing and realizes that it's a ship from Zenn-La, and realizes that some of his people may now be prisoners of the dictator of this South American nation.

Yarro and Shalla-Bal are indeed taken prisoner, however Yarro bargains with the subordinates to reveal secrets of Zenn-La technology to the dictator of the land in exchange for their continued freedom. As the Surfer aids the resistance fighters in freeing their country, Yarro would in turn build weapons for the dictator in hopes of destroying the Silver Surfer.

In the final battle, Shalla-Bal, not willing harm to come to the Surfer tries to stop Yarro from turning a powerful cannon on the Surfer and is shot for her troubled. Rescued by the Surfer, the enraged Surfer is forced to fight back and kill Yarro when Yarro tries to blast the Surfer with the cannon. The dictators army is quickly defeated shortly after and the resistance fighters take control back to their own country. With his powers depleted from the battle, the Surfer repairs the space shuttle and sends Shalla-Bal back to Zenn-La where their science may save her from her near fatal gun shot wound.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Who Speaks for the Surfer?. Letters are published from Mitchell Zingman, J.C. Rosenzweig, Paul M. Kay, Frederick L. Zoucha, Gregory Pierson, Thomas Lane, Mitch Berman, and Rudy Rankins.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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