Quote1 Even now... an agonizing weakness overcomes me! In my effort to save another's life... I expended too much of my own vital energy! Quote2
-- Silver Surfer

Appearing in "Gather, Ye Witches!"

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Synopsis for "Gather, Ye Witches!"

A coven of witches seeks to prove their power by killing the alien Silver Surfer and hopes to summon a "tool" capable of doing so. They rescue the Abomination from exile, but the Abomination refuses to obey the coven's commands. He leaves with his own agenda to subjugate and rule the world. The Silver Surfer similarly escapes the coven and battles the Abomination. Eventually defeated, the Abomination returns to the planet of the Stranger.

Solicit Synopsis

This one has witches, magic spells, the Surfer trapped at last—and the Abomination! Wow!

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