Quote1 Humans! Fortunately, their incomprehensible behavior no longer startles me! Quote2
-- Silver Surfer

Appearing in "The Dawn of the Doomsday Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Dawn of the Doomsday Man!"

With the threat of the Doomsday Man, a powerful robot built by Dr. Kronton to be the US Army's ultimate defensive robot. However after the robot was completed, the military decided they had gone too far and sealed the robot into a large concrete prison on an uninhabited island. When news of the robot being activated makes national headlines the Surfer decides to get involved and try to stop the robot to save humanity, despite their opinion of him.

When offering his aid, the United Nations agree to let the Surfer try and defuse the situation but send Dr. Kronton along with them. Soon the Surfer learns that the Kronton intended the robot to become free and that he had armed it with a Cobalt Bomb in hopes that it would reach the United States and demand a ransom.

However, when the Surfer tries to trap the Doomsday Man in the Earth's core, Kronton tries to save it, but the machine ends up killing him. With the Doomsday Man trapped in the Earth, the Surfer throws the Cobalt bomb into space where it detonates safely. However, in spite of the fact that the Surfer saved the Earth, the people watching the Surfer's battle blame him for allowing the Doomsday Man to kill Kronton. Instead of defending himself, the Surfer silently walks away from the scene.

Solicit Synopsis

A doomsday bomb, about to destroy the earth! The Surfer ,alone on an isle of death! It's drama beyond compare!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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