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Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "The Dawn of the Doomsday Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Dawn of the Doomsday Man!"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer learns about a powerful robot that was created to withstand any hostile environment. It was so powerful that they decided it was too dangerous to use. They secured it in a remote bunker, so that it would never get out. However, the robot does get out and the Surfer is forced to stop it before it sets off a deadly bomb. He sends it to the core of the Earth and launches the bomb into space.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 13 001

Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer reads in the newspapers that the United Nation is calling a special session to discuss the threat of the Doomsday Man. He is not sure exactly what this Doomsday Man is, but it reminds him of a recent incident. The Surfer came across a remote island in the Pacific that was heavily guarded by battleships and infantry. On the island they were building a heavily fortified structure. While mysterious, it didn't concern him so he went on his way. Now he's determined to go to the United Nations and find out if what he saw and the Doomsday Man are connected.

At the United Nations, the ambassadors meet to hear Dr. Kronton explain the history of the Doomsday Man. It's a powerful robot built to be the USA's ultimate defensive robot in space. It can survive on any world and under any conditions. However, after the robot was competed, they realized that they made the indestructible robot too powerful. Unable to destroy it, they instead sealed the robot into a large concrete prison on an uninhabited island. They thought they had solved the problem, but recently movement has been reported inside the bunker and there is concern that the robot is moving and trying to get out.

Meanwhile, the Surfer arrives at the United Nations, but is stopped from entering by a guard. He decides to bypass security by flying directly to floor that the meeting is being held. Dr. Kronton welcomes the appearance of the Silver Surfer and sees his power as being crucial to stopping the Doomsday Man. The ambassadors are skeptical of all of it and the meeting breaks down into arguing.

Tired of all the talk, the Surfer departs with Dr. Kronton and they head to the bunker to investigate. They break into the fortified structure from below and are quickly attacked by the robot. While the Surfer recovers from its laser attack, the robot grabs a large cobalt bomb and breaks out of his prison.

They follow the robot and it is revealed that Dr. Kronton is controlling the robot. He plans to threaten the world with the deadly bomb that it is carrying and force every nation to pay him a ransom in order to stop the robot.

The Surfer distracts the robot enough that it puts down the bomb and attacks him instead. He dodges the robot's assault and has it fall into a bottomless pit created his cosmic blast. Dr. Kronton tries to help the robot out of the pit, but is killed by his creation instead. The robot falls to the core of the Earth and the Surfer hurtles the bomb into space. The crowd that had gathered blame him for the doctor's death and accuse him of unleashing the robot, but instead of defending himself the Silver Surfer just silently walks away.

Solicit Synopsis

A doomsday bomb, about to destroy the earth! The Surfer, alone on an isle of death! It's drama beyond compare!


  • The Who Speaks for the Surfer? letter column has letters published from: Joseph Scardigno, Dick Glass, Nabeel Audeh, Steve Pizzi, Laurence MacDonald, Bill Stonehouse, and Patricia Hazen.

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