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Synopsis for "The Surfer and the Spider!"

The Surfer is knocked out when trying to stop a meteor from crashing into Earth, and ends up being knocked into New York Harbor. Reviving shortly after, he flies about in New York and is spotted by a young boy named Henry who is a super-hero fan, who's father is against the notion of his son idolizing costumed heroes. The boy goes out onto his roof where he can get a closer look at the Surfer.

Meanwhile, the Surfer believes he is being attacked when Spider-Man accidentally shoots a web line that gets snagged on the Surfer's board. This leads to the two heroes getting into a battle, leaving the Surfer's board unattended on the roof of Henry's building. The curious boy decides to try it out, however when the Surfer summons his board back in the middle of his battle against Spider-Man, he pulls the boy into battle as well.

When the military gets involved, the Surfer uses his powers to protect the boy instead of himself, when all realize that the Surfer put himself at risk to save a young boy, they all stop their attack and leave the Surfer to mourn over what happened, Spider-Man also leaves realizing that he was mistaken about the Surfer.

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