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Quote1 From this time forth, the Silver Surfer will battle them on their own savage terms! Let mankind beware! From this time forth...The Surfer will be the deadliest one of all! Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "To Smash the Inhumans!"

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Synopsis for "To Smash the Inhumans!"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer happens upon the Inhuman's Great Refuge and is quickly attacked by Maximus' minions. Maximus hopes to anger the Surfer enough that he will attack the Inhuman royal family. All the violence instead enrages the Surfer and he departs, ready to declare war on all of humanity.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 18 001

Detailed Summary:
Following his intense battle with SHIELD, the Silver Surfer plunges dizzily into the Great Refuge of the Inhumans. Upon his arrival, he finds himself quickly attacked by a group of Inhumans led by Maximus. While Maximus' minions are no match for the Surfer's power, they do succeed in making him believe that the Inhumans as a whole are responsible for the attack. To Maximus' pleasure, the confrontation offends the Surfer and he decides to seek out the leader of the Inhumans.

Traveling to the center of the Great Refuge, the Surfer is met by Black Bolt. The leader hoped to greet him as an honored guest, but some of the Inhuman royal family, thinking the Surfer was a threat, interrupt the meeting with a violent attack that knocks the visitor out.

As they argue amongst each other, Maximus attacks the Inhuman city. The Surfer awakens and lashes out at the Inhumans around him. Overwhelmed by the savagery of the Inhumans for each other and himself, he flees the Great Refuge. The Silver Surfer is finally fed up with being constantly harassed by humanity and vows from that day forward to become an enemy of humanity.

Solicit Synopsis

Drawn by a surprise artist! Featuring the Surfer's battle with the uncanny Inhumans! And ending with the most terrifying threat of all!


  • Chronologically, the Silver Surfer appears next in Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man. [1]
  • In terms of publication date, the Silver Surfer would next appear in Sub-Mariner. It's in this issue that the Surfer mentions he has given up his vow to seek revenge against humanity. [2]


  • The end of this issue advertises that the next issue would feature a new "savage" Silver Surfer. However, the series was canceled and subsequent issues were never published.
  • Herb Trimpe, who inks this issue and drew the cover, was allegedly supposed to have taken over penciling duties starting with the next issue.
  • This issue's cover makes an appearance in the 1983 film, Breathless. [3] [4]
  • The Who Speaks for the Surfer? letter column has letters published from: Art Smith, Frank Johnson, and Rick Howe.
  • The Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group continues the Silver Surfer Volume 1 adventures in a series of fan-fiction stories. [5]

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