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Quote1 Once I might have felled you with a shrug! But, though I am less than before... still am I the Silver Surfer! Still is mine the Power Cosmic! Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "When Lands the Saucer!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "When Lands the Saucer!"

Brief Summary:
While the Silver Surfer was unsuccessfully trying to escape Galactus' barrier, he noticed an alien ship hovering over Earth. He realizes that no one but him can see the ship and soon discovers that the aliens on board, the Badoon, are here to take over humanity. He battles the invisible aliens, while the people below see a crazed Surfer fighting himself. The army fires up at him, hitting the cloaked space ship. Thinking that they have lost the element of surprise, the Badoon abandon their mission and leave Earth.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 2 - 1

Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer is floating on the edge of Earth's outer atmosphere, mourning his continuing exile, when he's shocked to his senses by a falling meteor that crashes into him. He realizes that he cannot aimlessly drift over this planet for ever and decides that he should try and find a home among the humans with whom he is forced to live.

He arrives at an Alpine town with the intent to live there, but the Surfer is driven away by the panicked locals who distrust the Surfer because he looks different. The Surfer once more tries to integrate into society by going to an American city instead, however his arrival there is also met with fear, distrust, and hatred.

Returning to space, the Surfer laments humanity's many ills and desperately tries to force himself through Galactus' barrier. Over and over he tries to ram through the invisible barrier, unsuccessful each time and finally stopping only from exhaustion. While resting, he thinks of his beloved Shalla-Bal. At the same time, Shalla-Bal is mourning her loss of Norrin Radd. Thinking of the times they had with each other back before he became the Silver Surfer.

Just then the Surfer notices the arrival of an alien space ship, hurtling towards Earth. He follows the ship down as it heads to New York City and is surprised to find that no one else seems to be able to see it. The Surfer tries to warn the people on the street, but is attacked by them instead as they accuse him of trying to start a riot. Thrown into jail for disturbing the peace, he escapes by having his board crash through the prison's wall.

He decides to confront the aliens directly. They let him enter their space ship and introduce themselves to the Surfer as the Brotherhood of the Badoon. They state that they come in peace and only want to share with Earth their knowledge and technologies. The Surfer is skeptical of their intentions as he had heard of the Badoon, in his past travels, and the fear and dread that they bring with them. The Badoon insist that they can be trusted, but an earth girl suddenly bursts into the room to warn the Surfer of their true intentions. She said that she was captured by the Badoons and that they intend to invade the Earth. However, before she can say anymore, the girl is shot by the Badoon and falls unconscious into the Surfer's arms.

Let Earth Be The Prize!
The Surfer leaves the ship with the injured girl, promising to save the Earth by himself. Before he can do this though, he needs to keep the girl safe by wrapping her in a protective field of spatial energy. With this completed, he's able to return to New York City and confront the Badoon.

The Badoon launch a rocket at Silver Surfer that can follow his every move, but he is able to out maneuver it and lead it into the side of a mountain to explode. They unleash the Weapon of Weapons on him and the creature known as the Monster of Badoon crashes into the Surfer. As they battle over the city, the people below are once more put in a state of panic because the Badoon's cloaking technology makes it look as though the Surfer is on another rampage. The Surfer unleashes the full extent of his Power Cosmic at the monster, but the Badoon retrieve their weapon before it can be defeated.

Meanwhile, the military start their attack on the Surfer. Launching a volley of missiles in his direction, but hitting the cloaked Badoon ship instead. The Badoon think that their invisibility is lost and that the humans can now see them. They quickly retreat and head towards space. The Surfer sees an opportunity to escape Galactus' barrier and flies close to the fleeing ship, protected by its force field.

At the last second, he remembers the injured girl that he left behind and he begrudgingly leaves the protection of the ship and falls back to Earth. He begins to heal the girl with his cosmic energy, but the military continue their attack on the Surfer with another missile strike. Realizing that he can't stay with the girl (because of the military's hostility towards him), he leaves her to be recovered by them, barely clinging to life.

Appearing in "The Coming of the Krills!"

Featured Characters:

  • Male radar technician

Supporting Characters:


Races and Species:



  • Krill War Fleet

Synopsis for "The Coming of the Krills!"

The Watcher tells a story he has seen in Earth's history. An extraterrestrial special forces unit infiltrates a remote radar outpost in Canada. The outpost is manned by two people: Lou and the unnamed hero of the story. Lou is growing tired of the loneliness of the job, but his partner recognizes the importance of their work. The aliens break into the outpost, taking the men prisoner and revealing themselves as the Krill from the Ninth Galaxy. Their mission is to destroy Earth's radar capabilities so their war fleet massed in the planet's orbit can land and avoid humanity's atomic weapons. The Krill would rather bribe the men than kill them and offer them wealth and riches, eventually upping the ante to giving them the most beautiful women in the galaxy to marry. Lou accepts their offer but gets into a fistfight with our hero, who is then incapacitated by a Krill ray gun. The hero awakens from his paralysis and presses the alarm button while Lou screams in terror as he is shown his new bride: a Krill woman who, while beautiful to the Krill, is not easy on the eyes for a human. With the alarm sounded, the invasion is defeated.

Solicit Synopsis

Marvel’s newest and most daringly dramatic superhero returns to thrill you again as he battles the startling occupants of a fearsome flying saucer.


"When Lands the Saucer!"[]

  • The Silver Surfer story is divided into two parts: "When Lands The Saucer!" and "Let Earth Be The Prize!"
  • The Silver Surfer appears to have heard of the Badoon from his past travels. "I have heard that name... and ever was it spoken with fear... and nameless dread."
  • This is the first time that the Silver Surfer's power is referred to as the "Power Cosmic."
  • The leader of the Badoon claims that eternity is endless and the Badoon can afford to wait until they return. The caption says that they do return in an upcoming series. However, the Badoon appear next with the Guardians of the Galaxy which are in an alternate reality (later established as Earth-691), so they couldn't be the same Badoon as featured in this comic. [1]

"The Coming of the Krills!"[]

  • Recreation of the original The Coming of the Krills! story, but with the Watcher as the host. [2]

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