Quote1 I thought I had erased all human life -- save the lives of those I allow to serve me! Quote2
-- Overlord

Appearing in "Worlds Without End!"

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  • Enslaved species
  • Dakkamites
    • The Overlord's parents (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Worlds Without End!"

Once more lamenting on his plight, and pining over Shalla-Bal once more, the Surfer travels back to Al Harper's lab to try and see if there is anything else he can find that might allow him to breach the barrier around Earth put in place by Galactus. There he learns that it's possible to travel through time if he traveled at faster than light speed. Believing that maybe in the future the barrier would have been dropped the Surfer speeds around the Earth faster than the speed of light and ends up in the distant future.

There he is horrified to find that the Earth has been decimated, but the barrier around the Earth is now gone. Traveling to Zenn-La, the Surfer also learns that his home world had also been decimated. Traveling to a work where he finds life, the Surfer learns that they've all devolved into savages. Attacked, the Surfer is soon taken prisoner of soldiers who take him to the Overlord, a indestructible mutant who has become a tyrannical ruler who has taken over most of the universe.

When the Overlord puts some of his slaves at risk, the Surfer tries to stop him and attacks him, however finds himself over powered and easily defeated. Taken to a holding cell by the last survivor of Zenn-La revives the Surfer and tells him the origins of the Overlord: That his father was irradiated by a defective nuclear reactor, and once the boy had become full grown he began rampaging across the universe taking over all because he was indestructible.

When the Overlord discovers that his slave has revived the Surfer, he kills him, and sends his troops to attack the Surfer. The Surfer easily defeats the soldiers but unable to destroy the Overlord, the Surfer does something drastic: He travels back in time prior to the Overlord's father being effected by radiation, and destroys the device, causing the Overlord's future to no longer exist, and erasing the Overlord from existence. The Surfer returns to his own time, to find himself once more trapped on Earth.

Appearing in "Tales of the Watcher: The Unsuspecting"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "Tales of the Watcher: The Unsuspecting"

Story recreated from Amazing Adult Fantasy #13


  • This issue contains a letters page, Who Speaks For the Surfer?. Letters are published from Bill Labrie, Brian Hoard, Rachell Porter, Daniel Preston, Tim Barretto, V.O. Speights, and Eddie Babb.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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