Quote1 I am the heir of Frankenstein! This castle is mine! This land is mine! I was born to be master of life and death! And master I shall be! Quote2
-- Ludwig Frankenstein

Appearing in "The Heir of Frankenstein"

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  • X-Machine


Synopsis for "The Heir of Frankenstein"

Ludwig Frankenstein, the modern descendant of Victor von Frankenstein and his hunchbacked assistant Borgo attempt to create life using modern scientific technology. But the local villagers have had their fill of the Frankenstein legacy and storm the castle. Frankenstein decides to activate his latest project, Experiment X. But in order to do so, he needs a powerful living host – one that is strong enough to survive the process.

The Silver Surfer, flying through the Alps, sees the villagers storming the castle and believing them to be aggressors, repels them with his cosmic blasts. Count Frankenstein invites him into his castle and pretends to befriend him. The Silver Surfer is reluctant to trust him at first, but agrees to help him. Frankenstein tricks him into becoming the host for Experiment X. Trapping the Surfer and strapping him to a table, he begins to siphon the power cosmic from him and redirect it into a lifeless clay model. Imbued with half the power of the Silver Surfer, the creation comes to life and assumes the Surfer's form. Frankenstein sends the false Surfer into the village to avenge himself against them.

The Silver Surfer frees himself and flies outside to stop his evil doppelganger. Their fight rages throughout the village and eventually carries out into Earth’s atmosphere. Both combatants are evenly matched. Eventually however, the false Surfer's energy begins to drain away until he loses all power and cohesion. Before long, there is nothing left of him.

Back in the Alps, the diminutive Borgo decides that he has taken Count Frankenstein's abuse long enough. He tackles Frankenstein and both of them topple out of the castle window where they fall to their deaths.

Appearing in "I, The Gargoyle"

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  • The Atomic Mole Machine

Synopsis for "I, The Gargoyle"

This story was recreated from Amazing Adult Fantasy #12, with the Watcher added as a host.

Solicit Synopsis

(August) Once again the name of FRANKENSTEIN spreads fear thruout the land — and only the SILVER SURFER can save mankind from the strangest threat of all!

  • (September) AND, STILL ON SALE— Once again the name of Frankenstein spreads fear thruout the land — and only the Silver Surfer can save mankind from the strangest threat of all!


  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Buscema, colours by Brunner.[2]
  • First appearance of Ludwig von Frankenstein and Borgo. Although Borgo appears to perish in this issue along with Ludwig von Frankenstein, he makes a return appearance in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #37.
  • Contains a cameo flashback appearance of Shalla Bal.
  • Count Frankenstein has movie reels of the original Frankenstein experiments, which is impossible since recording technology did not exist in the 18th century. Contains cameo flashback of Victor Frankenstein and the original Frankenstein Monster.
  • The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #4 credits Silver Surfer (Volume 1) #7 as the 1st appearance of the Frankenstein Monster. This is actually incorrect as the appearance seen here is through video footage on a movie screen. The Frankenstein Monster's actual first appearance is in a flashback scene from X-Men #40.

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