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Quote1 Well may you tremble! For you gaze upon... Mephisto! Quote2

Appearing in "Now Strikes the Ghost!"

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Synopsis for "Now Strikes the Ghost!"

Brief Summary:
Mephisto returns and sets his new plans into motion for defeating the Silver Surfer and stealing his soul. He finds the Ghost of the Flying Dutchman and gives him enough power to crush the Surfer.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 8 - 01

Detailed Summary:
Furious over his previous attempt to collect the Silver Surfer's soul having met failure, Mephisto decides to try once again. His hatred is so strong that it flows from his body and attacks the Surfer. The assault is so strong that it nearly kills him, however Mephisto stops the attack before this happens. He needs to acquire the Surfer's soul before he is slayed.

Appearing before a satanist attempting to summon a demon, Mephisto uses him as a mortal bridge to find a soul in limbo. He summons the wandering ghost of Joost van Straaten, the legendary Flying Dutchman. He is trapped in limbo as punishment for forcing his crew to sail on a fatal journey into a deadly storm. Mephisto uses his powers to transform the ghost of van Straaten into a super-powerful entity known as "The Ghost," powerful enough to crush the Silver Surfer.

Meanwhile, the Surfer recovers from Mephisto's attack and uses his memories of Shalla-Bal to regain his strength. As he reflects, a vision of Shalla-Bal appears before him. They attempt to embrace, but instead she wakes up from her sleep and realizes that they are still connected no matter how far they are apart from each other.

Mephisto tells The Ghost that if he can get the Silver Surfer's soul, then he will free him from limbo. The Ghost is sent into the city to terrorize people in order to lure the Surfer out for another battle.

Solicit Synopsis

The Surfer actually battles a ghost! Guest-starring Mephisto!


  • Mephisto tried to tempt the Silver Surfer with power and fear, but failed to steal his soul. [1]
  • The Ghost in this story should not to be confused with the boat in I Spent a Night in the Haunted Lighthouse!, which is also known as the "Flying Dutchman." [2]


  • The Who Speaks for the Surfer? letter column has letters published from: Gabriel Barbeau, J. Scott Stewart, Alan Brennert, Jerry Slawych, and James Jonas.

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